capitol police
capitol police

Joe Biden did not need any more bad news from the border, but that is what we have for him.

Border Patrol reported it apprehended 10 terror list subjects in July alone.

That may sound like a small number, but consider that is about the same number apprehended the entire time Trump was in office.

The Numbers

This is a numbers game, where more captured is not necessarily a good thing.

Bear with me for a second here to explain…

The numbers of terror list subjects and gotaways are all relative to the number of border crosses we have regularly.

For instance, in Trump’s last fiscal year, there were 405,036 illegal encounters at the border and three terror list subjects caught.

Gotaways were under 10 percent.

Those numbers were the norm for years.

All that went out the window with Joe Biden’s loose border policies.

In 2021, there were 1,662,167 encounters, with a total of 15 terror list encounters.

Since then, numerous blocks to crossing the border have been removed, so terror groups are throwing everyone into the system to see how many can get through.

We are already over 1.9 million illegal encounters, with 66 terror subjects apprehended overall.

We also have more than 400,000 gotaways that have come over the border.

If that number has grown from about five to 10 percent of total encounters to more than 20 percent, what do you think the real number of terror subjects included in that gotaway number is?

We could literally have dozens of terrorists in this country right now that nobody knows about hoping to pull off the ultimate… hitting Americans on their own soil.

Biden will tell you that a rising number of captures means the system is working and catching the bad guys.

With how BP is overwhelmed at the border right now, I will tell you that number terrifies me because of how many have realistically made it to our interior to set up shop.

Source: Fox News

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