After Obama’s Birth Certificate was Released, One Supreme Court Chief Justice Dropped Major Bombshell

Uh oh…
Barack Obama
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ICYMI – There has been a theory going around for quite some time that Barack Obama was not born here in the United States.

That theory has been openly supported by former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore after Obama’s own brother tweeted out an image that once again brought the issue of Obama being a “birther” into question.

A Big Question

According to Moore, there is more than enough reason to cast doubt on Obama actually having been born in our country.

During an appearance on CNN’s “KFile,” he stated, “My opinion is, there is a big question about that.

“My personal belief is that he wasn’t, but that’s probably over and done in a few days unless we get something else to come along.”

Moore was more than likely referring to the fact nobody really wants to go down this road and anyone that does is openly attacked.

The former Alabama Chief Justice had held this belief for quite some time.

Back in 2008, he stated, “I don’t see any reason a candidate who has such a serious question would not come forward with the truth about where he was born.

“Obama has the answer.

“He knows where he was born.

“If he tells something that’s untrue that’s another matter.

“It’s not an Obama issue, it’s an American issue.

“It’s about the Constitution of the United States.”

This was also an issue raised by Trump when he was a candidate in 2016 and years before.

Family Betrayal

While the media has regularly spun this as a right-wing attack, that is not exactly true.

Barack Obama’s own brother has added fuel to the fire by tweeting out images of Obama’s birth certificate.

While Barack Obama has always maintained he was born in Hawaii, the image his brother sent out was a birth certificate that appears to have originated in Kenya.

We are years after Obama’s presidency and yes, people are still talking about it, because many believe that if Obama was not born here, he would not have our best interests at heart.

From the divide he created when he was in office and the divide Democrats continue to cause today, it looks like they were all right.

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