Another Top Democrat Abandons Party, Switches to Republican


The Democratic Party just can’t take a break, can they? The week kicked off to a great start as Louisiana State Representative Jeremy LaCombe announced that he would be leaving the Democrat Party and switching to the Republican Party. This marks another devastating blow to Dems as this is the third lawmaker to abandon the party.

Just last month, Rep. Francis Thompson of Delhi also switched to the GOP, giving them a supermajority in the house.

This switch comes at an unfortunate time for President Joe Biden who is facing low approval ratings among key groups and has been surpassed by former President Donald Trump in polls for a potential match-up according to RealClearPolitics (RCP).

The RCP tracker shows that Trump has 56.6 percent of the vote and is currently leading for the GOP nomination. He’s got Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida trailing behind him with 31.3% support in January but now Trump has taken back his lead from Biden by 0.6 percentage points with four out of seven polls conducted this month leaning in his favor.

In comparison, President Joe Biden commands 40%-60% of the votes amongst Democrats while Robert Kennedy Jr.’s support ranges from single digits to numbers in teens which may explain why there are strong concerns about Biden’s age (80) and ability to lead effectively among voters.

To make matters worse, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy recently initiated an impeachment investigation into allegations of corruption which must be dealt with accordingly by President Joe Biden himself amidst facing other criminal cases and civil lawsuits which are draining both financial resources and media attention away from his legal defense team who have denied all accusations on his behalf.

Not only are polls showing that voters are backing Trump more heavily than Biden these days, results from Reuters/Ipsos poll show that he is ahead 41% compared to 35% across those key swing states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin where Joe won all but North Carolina last election cycle.

The Echelon Insights survey also revealed similar results with 48% supporting Trump against 41% for Joe possibly giving him 270 Electoral College votes if he manages to seize those swing states again come 2024 election time – though 24% remain undecided still making it anyone’s game right now.

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