Antifa Opens Up and Admits to What They Did


You can’t blame Antifa for this one, even though they admitted it. They did exactly what they said they were going to do. Even conservatives are finding their “Smurfing” assault funny. You can bet the store owner will reap an unexpected sales boost from the viral advertising. At least it didn’t involve any violence and not a single Smurf was injured.


Antifa claims responsibility

The INDECLINE chapter of Antifa took what Facebook admins call “goating” to a whole new level. Unwary Facebook page creators learn the hard way not to give privileges to helpful “friends” unless they want to get locked out of their own accounts and have goats plastered all over the image headers.

These anarchists used Smurfs instead of goats but the idea is exactly the same. They tricked the owner into giving them permission. Not a single law was broken or even bent. Like Wile E. Coyote and Sam the Sheepdog, both sides are chuckling over the successful operation and ready to get back to war when the whistle blows.

Dent Myers is the proud owner of “Wildman’s Dent Myers Civil War Surplus & Herb Shop.” His store was just too good a target for Antifa to pass up so the group asked the owner for permission to work on a mural “under the guise of being Civil War enthusiasts.”

It wasn’t hard to gain his trust. The two civil war soldiers adorning his storefront were given an “Antifa Smurf” makeover.

Thanks to the artistic anarchists, the sign over the civil war souvenir and head shop now boldly displays “Smurf cutouts wearing Antifa-style clothing, doing various acts including raising middle fingers, urinating on one of the soldiers and another rearing back to club the other soldier with a bat bearing an anti-Nazi logo.”

Respect existence

The Antifa group call their art installation “an anti-racist protest” with “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance” painted in large letters. They even put out a press release claiming full responsibility and explaining how they pulled it off.

They patiently took their time and infiltrated their enemy. For a full six months they “visited owner Dent Myers periodically.” Every time they came in, they carefully disguised themselves as “Civil War enthusiasts.”

Eventually, one of them made the suggestion to Myers that his sign could use a little sprucing up. That’s how they “ultimately gained permission to work on the pre-existing mural that adorns the brick wall above the store.”

The Antifa cell even recorded “video of Myers seemingly giving them permission to work on the mural, telling them “it’s okay, you do anything you wanna do.” Oh really, they grinned. “I’m glad to have you, always glad to meet an enterprising entrepreneur,” Myers adds.

Knowing full well they were recording crucial evidence, the group admitted to Dent that he may want to think twice before saying okay. “Don’t say we can do anything… we’ll put a bunch of Antifa Smurfs up there,” Of course, it went right over the owner’s head. As opposed to their anarchist cousins who like to play soldier, INDECLINE describes itself as a peaceful, more gentle group of anarchists.

They’re an “activist art collective” comprised of “graffiti writers, filmmakers, photographers and full-time rebels and activists” that “focuses on social, ecological and economical injustices carried out by American and International governments, corporations and law enforcement agencies.” As well as the occasional old man running a Civil War store.

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