AOC Threatens Hold as 3.3 Million Americans Sit Out of Work

Ocasio Cortez
Photo Courtesy of nrkbeta via Creative Commons License

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is about to make a power move and Americans are going to pay for it.

After seeing the initial stimulus package, AOC threatened to hold off its passage until the entire House can be called back for a vote.

Standing Up to Pelosi

House Speaker (D-CA) has already endorsed the deal.

While she could have been enthusiastic about it, she stated that her fellow Democrats needed to embrace the overall good of the bill.

Democrats did manage to get a few of their partisan points in there, one that will ultimately cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars.

That particular point would be removing money from the package that would have funded topping off the oil reserves.

This would have served a twofold purpose in that it would have helped a reeling oil industry and taken advantage of the extremely low prices of oil currently in place.

Democrats saw this simply as a bailout out to the fossil fuel industry.

While Pelosi did not get her wish list, the legislation was more or less dry, meaning no real partisan issues, so she will live with it.

AOC, however, hinted that she did not really like what she saw and once she was able to view the final document and if it did not meet her approval, she would push for an in-person vote rather than allowing Pelosi to pass the bill on unanimous consent.

Not Alone

Sadly, AOC is not the only bullet we need to dodge on this legislation.

Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI) has also expressed an interest in delaying the legislation.

He also spoke up early Wednesday morning saying he did not believe the legislation did enough for workers and did far too much for corporations.

If either of these two blocks Pelosi’s plans for unanimous consent, it could be days before the legislation even comes up for a vote, let alone gets to Trump’s desk.

If they stand down, we can expect the legislation to be signed off on this weekend and the possibility of money going into bank accounts within one to three weeks, depending upon which aspect of the stimulus people qualify.



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