Biden Makes History, But Not the Good Kind


In his latest dubious achievement President Biden has attracted unprecedentedly high numbers of illegal border crossings. There have already been more than a million apprehensions at the border and, given that the year is not close to being finished yet, 2021 should easily shatter the old record for illegal border crossings in a single year. America is on track to see more than two million illegal crossings by the end of the year.


Border crossings at all time high

The population of the United States is roughly 330 million. There may be two illegal border crossings for every 330 Americans this year.

This is a staggering number of illegal immigrants swarming across the southern border and the situation is likely to only get worse through the next three years of the Biden Administration.

Crossings were down drastically last year due to the pandemic. Now the numbers have more than recovered as prospective immigrants see an opportune moment.

Not even the summer heat could slow down the crossings as it usually does. Numbers are still steadily increasing every month as 2021 progresses.

Also new this year is the massive surge in single adults, rather than entire families crossing the border, an indication that the vast majority of these people are exclusively coming in search of economic opportunities.

The share of Mexicans making the crossing is declining as well. Growing numbers of illegals are coming through Mexico from Haiti and South America.

Biden fails to dissuade illegals

Much attention has been lavished by both parties on the plight of unaccompanied minors who are found at the border, but this demographic is only a small minority of those entering the country.

The real border crisis comes from the enormous flood of single adults who are swarming across the border in search of jobs and government benefits.

No amount of law enforcement or National Guard deployments to the border could hope to dent the enormous numbers; the border is simply too large to prevent millions of people from entering the country.

Biden Administration attempts to slow down the flood are evidently having no impact at all on the numbers. People still understand that if they can make it to the United States they will face minimal consequences and may even be rewarded.

Illegal immigration to the United States will continue in increasing numbers until America ceases to be seen as a safe and profitable place to be.

After decades of lenient treatment for illegal immigrants and constant incentives to bring them across, the Biden Administration could not stop this flood even if it wanted to.

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