Biden Official Caught in Human Trafficking Sting


The Pentagon has just found itself back in the headlines after a top official was caught in a massive human trafficking sting. Steve Hovanic, Chief of Staff for the Defense Department’s bureau overseeing elementary schools, has been arrested on suspicion of soliciting prostitutes. This news has left many shocked and disturbed as all eyes are on the Biden administration.

This is yet another black eye for the White House that comes just after they fired an immigration official who celebrated killings by Hamas and a close friend of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg being sentenced to thirty years in prison for child pornography charges.

Steve Hovanic, 64, was charged with pandering during a two-day operation by the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office. A DODEA page listing Hovanic’s more than three decades of public service was abruptly taken down as soon as news broke about his arrest. He had been employed at DODEA since 1996 and had worked his way up to Chief of Staff within two years.

According to his biography he began his academic career in 1982 as a high school vocational teacher, coach and school administrator for Virginia public schools.

Six victims were saved during the operation according to Sergeant Toby Nix. They were all taken to an undisclosed ‘safe house’ where they will receive help and care moving forward from their horrific circumstances; three individuals were also charged with pimping alongside Hovanic’s charges of pandering.

Though many members have been affected by this incident or related ones, the White House has yet to comment on any association between them or previous affirmations made about individuals involved with any part of this situation . Questions still remain unanswered but only time will tell if any light will be shed on them soon enough; until then we can only speculate what could be going on behind closed doors.

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