Bomb Squad Detonates IED at Federal Courthouse


On Monday, the bomb squad detonated an improvised explosive device at the federal courthouse in Bluefield. The building was cleared safely, along with half the town, after the “scare forced an evacuation of a large chunk of a sleepy West Virginia city.

Bomb squad sets it off

The best way to get rid of the bomb they found was detonate it. Police confirm to local outlets that “at least one explosive device was found in the historic Elizabeth Kee Federal Building in Bluefield.

Everyone is baffled because they aren’t a high-profile urban metropolis. On a good day, they might have 10,000 people on the census lists.

The workday started with chaos as the bomb was discovered around 9:40 a.m. local time. About two hours later, police yelled “Fire in the hole” and blasted. Everyone in town heard it.

Courthouse workers aren’t real happy to learn that “at least one device was detonated from inside the courthouse.” Hopefully, the damage was well contained. This is still a breaking story and not many details have made it into the media.

Local sources were entertained by the department’s bomb-squad robot.

It was the only thing moving along the street, “which was otherwise deserted save a heavy police presence.” The one they blew up wasn’t the only one planted.

More devices found

According to Bluefield’s Chief of Police, Dennis Dillow, “at least three suspicious devices had been found at the federal courthouse.

He didn’t want to provide specifics about the bomb evidence and “did not initially elaborate on what the devices were or what the apparent motive could be.” They have a good reason. “We are in the middle of investigating this.

Police don’t want to give anyone any ideas and they also don’t want to mess up the eventual court case by disclosing details about the specific bomb evidence. You really can’t blame the local authorities for not talking.

They especially aren’t talking about motivation because this incident isn’t happening in a political vacuum. The feds are on high alert everywhere after the unprovoked raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.

Alleged director of the Federal Bureau of Instigation, Christopher Wray, told his crony senior FBI officials that he’s “pissed” about “the attacks and threats of violence,” one law enforcement official notes. One “who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share private discussions” told Washington post all about it. Someone could be mad enough to plant a bomb under his butt, he implies.

The FBI issued a joint intelligence bulletin warning of an increase in threats, quietly hardened its facilities and scrubbed personal information from websites to protect personnel from possible danger.” Other than that, Wray is hiding under a rock with Joe Biden. Joe claims plausible deniability of being on vacation and not knowing a thing about it. He doesn’t know a thing about anything that happened more than five minutes ago to start with, so they just hand him another dish of ice cream and set him up signing executive orders all day.

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