BOOM: BLM Caught in the Act


BLM rioters and looters very foolishly tipped their hand and were caught in the act, attempting to trigger massive looting in San Leandro, CA. Unfortunately for them independent journalists like Andy Ngô of the Post Millennial were there and so of course were the San Leandro Police.

It all started when Andy Ngô tweeted out “digital flyers” which were being shared upon instagram which called for “a looting spree inhonor of #MakiahBrant & #BLM“.

The flyer read as follows,

“LOOT for Makiyah bryant STOP KILLING OUR BLACKS WE HAVE TO PUT A END TO IT …. 1ST SPOT 5PM -DURANT SQUARE OAKLAND. CA -2ND SPOT 6:00- BAYFAIR CENTER-3RD SPOT (Nissan)11152 Marina Blvd. San Leandro, CA 94577 7:00 -4th 8k5th cannabis warehouse -8:00 Listen for next spots after and follow crowd”

This Is What Getting Caught Before You Start Looks Like

Of course, none of that looty-loot happened in San Leandro that night in April, because the San Leandro Police Department caught onto it fast quick and in a hurry. This triggered many businesses to close early voluntarily and immediately soured public opinion toward the BLM rioters.

The SLPD released a statement regarding the “Possible Planned Looting at Bayfair Center”,

“The San Leandro Police Department has received reports of planned looting at Bayfair Center tonight. In response, we have brought in additional officers to reinforce patrol and will have a heavy presence at that location.

The City of San Leandro and the San Leandro Police Department respects the rights of people to peacefully protest, but the information we have is that criminal activity is being planned.  That information is based on statements made by known actors associated with other recent acts of looting and vandalism.  Therefore, we are not taking this matter lightly and are preparing for it. 

We are in communication with our law enforcement partners in the event we need additional resources in San Leandro.  The most important thing to know is that the safety of our community is our highest priority. We will take all precautions possible to maintain the safety of our residents and businesses.

The Mayor and City Council ask our community to stay alert, stay home, and stay safe if we advise of criminal activity. If you see something that appears suspicious or threatening, contact us immediately. Do not engage in preventing a crime. Businesses and property owners should remain vigilant and may want to take steps to safeguard their properties and employees.”

The twitter backlash was pretty immediate and hilarious as well,

@CyQuilp wrote “These idiots are sowing the seeds of the next generation of conservatives.”,

@lauren_ten tweeted “Looting doesn’t bring ANYONE to your side but it does give right-wing assholes ammunition to attack the BLM movement. In fact, these flyers were probably created by white supremacists incognito to justify their arguments against BLM. What black person would say “our blacks”?”

@TurnRightOnRed1 “Someone knows #BLM is just creating its own martyrs to riot over which creates more incidents which creates more riots which creates more martyrs. Whoever needs martyrs is in a cult, if they don’t need martyrs they should go home. #makhiabryant
The bold-face arrogance of BLM is incredibly gratifying at this point. The efforts of independent journalists like Ngô , Brendan Gutenschwager, Elijah Schaffer, James O’Keefe and Richie McGinniss are holding BLM, Antifa and now today Pro-Palestine Anti-Semite rioters feet to the fire and casting a spotlight on them, that they desperately do not want. It is an unflinching, unforgiving light that the mainstream media has long ago forgotten how to wield.
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