Both Have Been Convicted, Facing Decades Years in Prison


The court has just issued a shocking verdict that has conservatives everywhere fuming. Jean Marshall, 73, of Kingston, Massachusetts and Joan Bell, 74, of Montague, New Jersey have been convicted for their involvement in blocking access to an abortion clinic in Washington D.C. The two elderly women, in addition to Jonathan Darnel of Arlington Virginia are expected to face 11 years in jail and fines up to $350,000.

This recent conviction has sparked debate over the Biden Justice Department’s approach to handling activists and has shed light on potential conflicts of interest between the U.S Attorney and his wife who is a known pro-choice activist.

The case was brought forward by U.S Attorney Matthew M Graves and the FBI Washington Field Office where they argued that Marshall and Bell had conspired with Darnel in order to create a blockade at the clinic which prevented both employees from providing services as well as patients from receiving them.

Furthermore it was determined that these activists had entered into the clinic using furniture chains ropes etc in order to impede access through two separate doors all while Darnel livestreamed their activities on social media platforms outside of the facility itself.

The prosecution alleged that their actions violated FACE Act laws which prevent physical obstruction intimidation or interference with reproductive health services clinics or providers from occurring.

Five other co conspirators have already been convicted with another accused Jay Smith pleading guilty having received only a 10 month incarceration sentence followed by three years probationary supervised release leading some people like Republican Julie Kelly to express her disbelief on Twitter saying “My God A DC jury just convicted 2 70+ year-old pro life activists and a DC judge immediately ordered them into custody”.

She further pointed out what she believes is potential conflict of interest between US attorney Matthew Graves whose wife is an open proponent of abortion rights while others like Greg Price sarcastically remarked “It’s good to see the Biden DOJ removing these hardened criminals from our streets”.

This trial has caused quite a stir among those who are pro-life especially considering Marshall and Bell were elderly seniors when this occurred sparking debate over whether or not this was appropriate action taken by authorities given their age alone despite any political opinions they may hold regarding reproductive health services clinics and providers.

Furthermore there seems to be some concern over whether or not proper protocol was followed throughout this investigation given what appears at least according to Julie Kelly’s tweets could be seen as potential conflict of interests.

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