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Jennifer “Jenn” Coleman, a 34-year-old Richmond, Va woman who was reported missing in Montana‘s Glacier National Park has been tragically found dead according to the AWARE Foundation, a non-profit group promoting safety awareness for missing and endangered person where her parents are employed. Coleman’s body was found in a steep, rocky area near the North American Continental Divide which bisects the Rocky Mountains, east and west. The cause of Coleman’s death is still under investigation.

According to WRIC 8News, an ABC affiliate, Hal Coleman, Treasurer of The AWARE Foundation said in a statement Sunday,

“Many thanks to everyone for the kind words, prayers, messages, People have been a blessing to us. We are thankful and appreciative to the bottom of our hearts. No words to describe the grief.”

Details Emerge About Coleman, Previously Missing, Now Known To Be Dead

Now that details have been shared with Coleman’s family, reports reveal that her vehicle was located by park officials on September 1st at the Logan Pass parking area. As many as fifty personnel had joined the search by September 5th when her body was located. Rescue operations have now ceased and recovery will commence once weather permits, high winds at the site caused air operations to temporarily withdraw. Staff and resources from Flathead County Sheriff’s Department, Glacier County Sheriff’s Department, Two Bear Air Rescue, and the Flathead National Forest participated in the massive search and rescue operation. While the outcome was not what Glacier National Park had hoped for, they are thanking the public and their partners.

3 KRTV reported, “According to The Aware Foundation of Virginia, Coleman’s belongings were found at a campsite and her vehicle was found in the parking area for the Highline Trail. The foundation also said:

“Jennifer had planned on checking out of the campsite the next day. The boarding facility contacted family to let them know that her dogs were not picked up at the designated time.”

Coleman’s last communication was via text on August 30 at around 11:57 a.m. from Highline Trail/Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet, The Aware Foundation told the press. Calls for help went out to the public and nearby rescue resources on September 2nd after Park Rangers found Coleman’s vehicle. It is unknown precisely how long after that last message Jennifer perished.


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