Breaking: More Persecution For Donald Trump

The political persecution of rightful President Donald Trump is on full display in Georgia. It’s obvious election interference to the conservative half of America. Democrats think this will prevent him from taking back his rightful office. Republicans and independents disagree.

Donald Trump indicted again

Every time more charges get added against Donald Trump, the higher his poll numbers go. Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley has been going around humming the Ray Charles classic “Georgia” all day, for the line about not finding any peace there.

Everyone else has been humming the Charlie Daniels tune about the devil. If Charlie was still around you can bet he’d be posting some prime comments on X today.

Professor Turley is just a little perturbed with this fourth indictment of Donald Trump. Questioning the integrity of an election is something which the state of Georgia simply won’t tolerate.

As Turley wrote recently, “the long-anticipated indictment by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is expected in the coming days and will focus on alleged election tampering and related offenses in the 2020 presidential election.” The expectation is over.

The whole big deal behind filing charges in Georgia is the same reason it was done in New York, by Alvin Bragg. Because state level convictions aren’t subject to presidential pardon. Only federal crimes can be erased. So what? Donald Trump hits back.

First of all, they have to get a conviction and this case is as weak as the one filed in Manhattan. It’s obviously election interference in the 2024 contest and half of America can see it. The other half doesn’t want to see it. That’s the reason we’re all fighting about it.

Focus on ‘the call’

The whole concept of Democrat anti-Trump action relies on a call Trump had with some officials in Georgia.

The Democrats trying to save their beloved swamp say that the rightful president intimidated them into magically pulling the votes he needs to win from thin air. That argument was pulled from air that’s even thinner than that. Like the kind you find on Mars.

As professor Turley points out, “the call was similar to a settlement discussion, as state officials and the Trump team hashed out their differences.” The president was well within his rights to demand a statewide recount.

After all, he had lost the state by less than 12,000 votes. “That might be what he meant when he stated, ‘I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state.

To Democrats, that was “a raw call for fabricating the votes.” To any reasonable person, “it seems more likely that Trump was swatting back claims that there was no value to a statewide recount by pointing out that he wouldn’t have to find a statistically high number of votes to change the outcome of the election.

The biggest thing voters should be taking away from all this is the fact that it’s “telling that many politicians and pundits refuse to even acknowledge that obvious alternate meaning.

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