Clinton, Rice, And Obama Sweating Bullets As New Evidence Emerges


Hillary Clinton colluded with Russians – to falsely accuse Donald Trump of colluding with Russians. The FBI was caught holding the smoking gun while standing over the still warm body. When the investigators are investigating the investigators nothing ever seems to happen. This time, Attorney John Durham is expected to turn the tables and do something different. New evidence from Christopher Steele’s deposition has some big name political figures sweating bullets, Names like Clinton, Obama, and Rice.

The only candidate colluding with Russia was Hillary Clinton

Christopher Steele was recently interrogated by the Russian bankers who are suing him for lying about them. What he told them seems to prove there really was a candidate in the 2016 election “colluding” with Russia.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign paid Steele to dig up anything he could on Trump’s connections to Russia. The former British spy turned straight to his soviet contacts, including “intelligence sources that were still active inside the Kremlin.

Well, actually only one source. Steele’s “primary sub-source” passed along whatever Putin and the Russian leadership wanted Steele to hear, none of it true.

Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton “both knew about his anti-Trump activities.” It’s almost certain that Rice “briefed” a friend of both Steele and Clinton, Strobe Talbott, about the operation. Steele testified, “State official Jonathan Winer and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland set up a meeting.” They met “to discuss the dossier research.” That may have been specifially to “open the doors for a meeting with State [Department] officials.”

Eventually, Steele came right out and admitted Hillary knew all about it. At first he mentioned that the campaign knew everything he did because they paid him for it. When pressed he admitted “the leadership” of the campaign knew. The interrogating lawyer wanted him to spell it out. “You also understood that Hillary Clinton herself was aware of what you were doing?” Oh sure, Steele replied, “I think Glenn had mentioned it, but I wasn’t clear,” Glenn would be Glenn Simpson, head of Fusion GPS and Steele’s handler.

The FBI and DOJ knew he lied and covered it up

When Steele was grilled by the Russian bankers suing him for lying about them, he admitted he doesn’t have a single shred of evidence to back up even one of his ridiculous claims. They may not have been true, but they ruined a whole lot of lives. Starting with Trump associate Carter Page. The DOJ covered up for the FBI after they caught Steel lying, so they could wiretap Page. They knew by then that the only reason Page was talking to Russians was as a “CIA asset” trying to put them in jail. That’s not what they told the court.

The Federal Bureau of Instigation and their handlers in the Department of Injustice swore up and down to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that every word Steele uttered was the gospel truth, even after they already knew there wasn’t a word of truth in any of it. Watergate pales by comparison.

Steele’s “mission to get dirt on Trump” was quickly “weaponized by the Justice Department to secure a spy warrant on Carter Page.” Thanks to Inspector General Michael Horowitz, “Department of Justice officials omitted or excluded exculpatory evidence during the process of obtaining the warrant.”

For a few years now, the public has known the FBI and DOJ were at the core of the conspiracy, aided by the CIA, NSA and other intelligence agencies. Now we know that the State Department was in on the plot too. The next big question is what did Obama know and when did he know it. He seems to be implicated up to his “Dumbo” ears.


  1. the dem party is CORRUPT from top to bottom & should be completely dismantled & all who broke our laws must pay a price much higher then their ill gotten gains/must repay all pension & taxpayer benefits & fines to make their victims multimillionaires must either serve jail time or leave our country for good never allowed under penalty of jail to be involved in our govt or American politics period. they don’t deserve to enjoy this wonderful country they set out to destroy/to do less would only serve to make them think they could get away with it again! God Bless America

  2. I hate to tell you this, but they ain’t sweating NOTHING. They are so deep state safe. Now, don’t get me wrong. Each and every one of these individuals has a BUGOUT plan and it can be put in motion at a moments notice. I don’t believe we will ever see justice served against these TRAITORS!

  3. That Kenyan Homosexual Muslim queen, Obama, was a total Failure and Traitor. Eight years of Failure and did nothing at all for the USA or her citizens. This boy, and his administration, all deserve to be Gitmo, be Water Boarded to the max, then executed as traitors and tyrants. Just hope I live long enough to read their obituaries. KAG!

  4. I doubt anything will happen, they are top democrats. One should never have been president as he wasn’t born in America.

  5. I`m sorry they all need to die this was a take over of our country it`s called treason. Barry-Barrys family said he was from Kenya His grand mother brothers his first time ever proud of America Moochie. He said he was from Kenya. His actions say he`s from somewhere other than the USA. Open borders and the draining of our money to feed and house illegals says he`s from somewhere else. His erasing of our countries sovereignty says it all.

  6. It goes to prove that the democrats are the guilty ones for what they blame the conservatives for.

  7. The Democrat Heads are working hand in hand with the Russians. The real proof of that was when, Hillary,Obama,and his Attorney General signed off on the sale of 25 percent of out Uranium Mines to Russia. They were funding the Middle East Terrorists and the Russians. Hillary got $2.5 million after the sale was completed. Bill was flown to Moscow to make a speech. He was paid $850,000 for that speech plus free round trip flights. Obama created ISIS to kill American Troops in Iraq. That is why he pulled the Troops out early to get them started.

  8. Durham is part of the deep state. And the deep state is investigating its own? By slow walking the investigation they are hoping there will be a change in administration and none of their brethren will ever serve a day in jail, much less lose their jobs.

  9. CUMMON EVERYONE already knows this scum is as crocked as it ever has been criminals from the start,HANG THEM ALL!
    It is time we all woke up.

  10. No one is going to be charged tried or convicted. If you think so, you are not only not awake, but your not aware.

  11. The problem is the MSM will ignore their wrongdoings, make no corrections and keep implying everyone else is guilty… “Fear is never a factor Joe Rogan” Tyrone Biggums quote.

  12. Nobody will go to jail, they are above the law. We the people should demand that there is stiff punishment for ripping the American people off, with lies and deceit.

  13. Seriously why We Us Americans talk about jail that isn’t justice what all of them did is TREASON last time I checked death by firing squad but I really wanna see all of them burn even the boi Obama he has done nothing for the minority community We Us as a whole color doesn’t even matter mf’S really think he was the best president my ass an Hillary ain’t shit sorry Bill birds of a feather flock together, Winer I once heard a lil birdie say that Winer Was the father to lead singer from Lincoln Park when he went to Haiti ?? to preform he found out a lot about the Clintons an the unusually activities then he ends dead an one month his best friend dead the same way suicide nah Winer has to close that door ? or the would have been exposed but the saying is if you close one door ? another one opens an that won’t be closed so easily. Demon?s have infected our way of life in order to profit but that’s just the tip of the iceberg secret organization filled with Pedos/homo yea I’ve been waiting to put them on blast Ave why do they all think they are going to live forever lol they can’t create shit due to the fact of higher Authority position that makes them fearless lol what a life they must live knowing that they will suffer the same fate as the rest of them if they hold some special gifts call up they dead homie Lord Adam an ask him how he living, lol ? yea third eye ? you niccaz don’t even understand what that but got every dumb ass Nicca bouncing balls sorry ass actors throwing that shit up with confusing the kids. TREASON=Death only way to rid of them is start with the entire fucking family the whole family tree, I hope I’m not being to mean well idgaf just imagine all the children they have slaughtered now it should be done to they family too.

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