Dem Leader Smacked With Criminal Charges


After his feeble and childish attempt to shut down Congress on Saturday, September 30 by trying to pull a fire alarm, radical socialist Democrat Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) is finally landing in some hot water. At the time, his actions caused a full-scale emergency responses and evacuation of the building.

On Wednesday afternoon, October 25, he was criminally charged by DC attorney general for his actions.

According to reports from Breitbart News, Rep. Jamaal Bowman allegedly tore down two signs warning that an emergency exit door on the second floor of the Cannon House Office Building was for emergency use only. He then proceeded to pull the fire alarm without any regard for public safety or respect for law enforcement and emergency services personnel who responded to the scene.

Multiple sources familiar with the investigation provided photographs which clearly show that there were large red signs stating “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY—PUSH UNTIL ALARM SOUNDS (3 SECONDS) DOOR WILL UNLOCK IN 30 SECONDS” as well as another sign indicating it was an emergency exit only. After triggering the alarm, Bowman left through a different door on the first floor.

On 10/26, Jamaal Bowman must report to a police station in order to be booked, fingerprinted and have his mugshot taken – all due to pulling a fire alarm in an attempt to disrupt a crucial vote at Capitol Hill.

It is very clear that this man is not fit for public office and should never be allowed near our nation’s halls of power again. To make matters worse, while many Trump supporters were detained and held responsible for their actions during protests in January 2021 at DC Gulag – even those who did less than what Bowman did – he will face no such harsh consequences despite being responsible for putting people’s lives at risk with his reckless behavior.

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