Democrat Congressman Throws in the Towel


One Democrat congressman has just decided to throw in the towel…but not for a reason you might expect. Recently, U.S. Rep Dean Phillips (D-MN) announced that he would not be seeking re-election to Congress due to his desire to focus on running against President Biden in the upcoming 2024 Democrat Presidential Primary.

This is a surprising move from the Minnesota Congressman, who was elected just two years ago and has been vocal about his ‘optimistic approach’ to politics since then.

The decision of Representative Phillips to opt out of a re-election bid has been met with shock and outrage by many, as it sets up what could be an incredibly contentious Democrat primary in the next presidential election cycle. One can only imagine how this might impact the already fragile state of American politics today, where civility and respect often seem nonexistent.

It’s also worth noting that Phillips himself has called for President Biden to “pass the torch” over concerns regarding his age and declining poll numbers – despite no other Democrats expressing a desire or willingness to enter the race themselves.

Despite all this controversy, Biden surrogates have expressed confidence in their ability to win the primary without needing any assistance from Phillip’s candidacy due to their successful write-in campaign on behalf of Joe Biden throughout New Hampshire. The Democratic National Committee even altered their original plans for South Carolina due largely in part because of this successful campaign and its increased “racial diversity.”

However, New Hampshire Democrats opted not to alter their process which left Joe Biden off the ballot entirely – thus presenting an opportunity for Phillips that he has chosen to seize upon via his own candidacy within the state.

Only time will tell what will come of Dean Phillips’ controversial decision and whether or not he can successfully capitalize on this unique opportunity presented by Biden’s absence from some ballots during the upcoming election cycle.

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