Democrats Obstructing Justice Like They Were On The Defense Team


Democrats in Congress are so blatantly biased in favor of Joe Biden and his family that it’s reached the point of “obstruction.” The biggest problem facing James Comer is that each and every progressive on his oversight committee is “acting as a criminal defense attorney for the Biden family.

Democrats obstructing probe

On Sunday, May 14, James Comer dropped into the Fox News studios to talk about Democrats. Specifically, his frustration with the ones his House Oversight Committee is burdened with.

He’s doing his best to investigate and expose (alleged) “Biden family business deals and influence peddling.” Meanwhile, the opposition is “obstructing” him every step of the way.

Most people don’t realize, Comer explains, that “when I issue a subpoena to a bank or to an individual,” Democrats are watching over their shoulders like vultures. “when we get information in from the bank or from any individual, they make two copies.

One goes to the majority, which is them. The other goes to their minority members. For some strange reason, the blue team refuses to see the evidence in front of their eyes, simply because it doesn’t fit the big New World Order plan.

My biggest problem with the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee,” the conservative watchdog growls, “is they’re acting as a criminal defense attorney for the Biden family.

Not only are they not working with us, they’re obstructing every step of the way.” That’s good in the long run because it will force Comer and his team to assemble an airtight case.

Training for Olympics

Comer and his Republican colleagues have been jumping so many hurdles they feel like they’re training for the Olympics. He described “the hurdles that our committee is having to overcome with the Democrats on the committee.

Not only do they have to deal with skeptical members on the panel, they’re up against “the Biden big dollar criminal defense attorneys, with the power of the White House, with the Department of Justice, with the FBI.

There are a lot of obstacles,” Comer admits “but I think what we produced this week, this 38-page memorandum, was pretty solid evidence that we’ve been able to accumulate showing that Joe Biden lied when he said his family never took money from China.” They took money from Romania, too. As Jonathan Turley pointed out, everyone in the family got a cut except the pets.

Democrats believe Joe can get elected in 2024. They also think the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus can all be appointed to cabinet positions. The committee has already proven that “the media got it wrong when they said none of these payments were ever made while Joe Biden was in office.

Comer can name nine family members, so far, who have received money. What nobody, especially Democrats, can explain is what the family does to make all that money if it isn’t selling access to the Big Guy.

Apparently, there’s nothing wrong with that if nobody can prove Joe made any decisions based on the millions he was paid for his meetings and contacts. “None of this was ever known before. So we presented the media with something they weren’t used to, especially when Adam Schiff was leading the investigations. We produced evidence.

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