Details: Democrats Waging New War on AG Barr


Michigan Democrats have decided to declare war on Attorney General William Barr after the FBI thwarted a plot to kidnap their governor, Gretchen Whitmer. The state’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel headed straight for the CNN studio in order to accuse her federal counterpart of either incompetence or corruption. There’s yet a third possibility. Barr could have been set up by Deep State rats in his own department.

A Civil War between Attorney’s General

An alleged right-wing anarchist plot to kidnap a state governor and try her for sedition has pitted brother against brother prosecutor. Michigan’s liberal Attorney General just declared war against her federal counterpart, Attorney General William Barr. Friday morning, Dana Nessel appeared on CNN to lash out at Barr for “testifying in July that he was unaware of threats against the state’s governor.”

Ms. Nessel made it crystal clear why she was there, injecting her point into the conversation by asking a seemingly harmless question. “Can I bring up a point that no one seems to be talking about?” Then she issued her declaration of war. “Over the summer United States Attorney General Bill Barr testified under oath before the House Judiciary Committee that he had no idea that there were any threats being made at all to the governor of the state of Michigan.” She thinks there are nefarious reasons for that. She may be right, but for the wrong reasons.

“And yet, his own authorities were actively working to foil these types of plans and these threats, which seems very curious to me that either, A: he didn’t know what was happening in his own Justice Department or, B: he committed perjury.” Nessel uses this as an excuse for war, slapping Barr in the face with a glove and challenging him to a legal duel of honor. Either Barr is clueless and incompetent or he’s lying under oath. She doesn’t even want to consider that maybe the FBI was intentionally keeping secrets from the boss, and stabbed him in the back too.

Another Deep State operation

Deep state rats may be trying to set Barr up and stab him in the back to start a civil war between liberals and conservatives, just like that controversial Hollywood movie from last year suggested. Christopher Wray staked out a position that White supremacists are more of a threat to national security than the summer’s arson and looter groups. He must have had a reason for that. We all know that the Federal Bureau of Instigation needs to come up with something fast, now that the world knows the CIA busted the FBI in July of 2016, helping Hillary Clinton rig the election against Donald Trump.

On Thursday, the nation was inundated by stories about a “plan by right-wing militia members to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer and place her on trial.” Of course, they were all slanted and spun in a liberal direction. Earlier this year, Barr was asked about “people with threatening signs at anti-Whitmer rallies,” and he said he didn’t know anything about it. In the normal course of business that would be up to his underlings anyway, so it wasn’t a surprise that he didn’t know. In 20-20 hindsight, the liberals think he should have had a crystal ball. What they don’t stop to think about, is that maybe people in the FBI and his own justice department kept the threat hidden from him. Are we on the brink of war because they had some shadow operatives directing and grooming the participants from behind the scenes?

Even if a group of loose cannon radical right wingers came up with the idea of kidnapping the Governor and trying her for crimes against conservatives, it wouldn’t have gotten far beyond the trash talking stage without some outside help. Everybody knows that the FBI monitors social media closely. Not just Facebook and Twitter but all the radical bulletin boards. They sort through all the chatter on a minute-by-minute basis and have high tech artificial intelligence tools to look for suspicious words and clusters of activity. Then after that, who gave them the conveniently well timed idea to try to hook up with a militia group. Particularly with a specific militia group that the FBI was already watching just as closely. It’s starting to look like these people were played as patsies to start a Helter Skelter civil war and the FBI was prodding them into doing it to save their own necks from being stretched in the near future.

  1. If I didn’t know better I’d say Barr is waging war on us. He stated he’s not releasing anything till after the election, this is a stab in the back, slap in the face, just who is he working for, sure isn’t we the people.

  2. The AG of Michigan is a idiot! She was enforcing unconstitutional executive orders for the pos governor, these so called right wing wasn’t right wing the Antifia and hate The President! She should really get her facts straight before commenting on anything! Between her and our governor as far as I’m concerned they should both be in Prison!

  3. The Michigan AG says there are only two possibilities-Barr is either incompetent or corrupt. The author offers a third possibility and that is that the FBI is setting Barr up. I think there is a fourth possibility and it is much more benign than all of the others. What if Barr was aware of the possibility of a plot but did not want to give advanced warning to the plotters by announcing an investigation. I think it’s pretty standard procedure for the AG to be coy about whether an investigation is in progress or not. I’ll have to admit that there is a distinct likelihood that the deep state is trying to get rid of Barr. FBI Director Wray is definitely deep state and he has been slow walking all attempts by Durham and Barr to root out the corruption of the deep state.

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