Double Standard Has Entire Population in Uproar


Some New York City teachers are furious with the “unethical” double standard. The teachers who are furious are the ones who were fired over refusing the COVID-19 jabs. The reason why they are furious is because migrant kids from all over the world are enrolled in school without proof of any vaccinations at all. Forget about the Wuhan Flu, there’s already “potentially” been a chickenpox outbreak. Migrants are missing vaccines for everything from polio to diphtheria but they’re all in school. That doesn’t seem fair.

New York City double standard

The double standard is on full display and under a microscope in New York City. Even though the focus is there, it applies to every school district in America, thanks to Joe Biden’s (allegedly) illegal and unconstitutional immigration policies.

Two teachers are especially upset over such “unethical” behavior.

Brooklyn math teacher Cassey McFadden was a proud educator for 25 years. She even “came out of retirement during the pandemic to help the city’s teacher shortage.

The thanks she got from New York City officials was “fired for her vaccine stance. Colleague Joy Newball was fired after “she had to decide between her experience and her beliefs.” These two represent a whole bunch more.

On Monday, February 6, McFadden appeared on Fox to explain why every teacher in New York City should be in “uproar” over the “double standard.

What they did is “illegal, it’s unethical and it’s insane. They’re actually risking the safety of all New Yorkers. You can’t have one policy for one group and another policy for another group.

Flood of migrant families

According to the New York Post, the recent flood of migrant families into the city “is forcing schools to accept unvaccinated children and has possibly led to an outbreak of chickenpox.

A ray of sunshine is that migrants seem to like the Big Apple less than the bleep-hole countries they came from, so now they’re migrating north to Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is an acolyte of Klaus Schwab and firmly behind Agenda 2030. He’s expected to welcome the migrants with open arms and a complimentary pair of rainbow socks.

Ms. Newball didn’t hesitate when New York City made her choose between her career and her beliefs. She wasn’t about to inject tissue from an aborted fetus under any circumstances. “I had to think about what would be the best choice that supported my beliefs, that supported my convictions, and it was to allow the state Department of Education to terminate me.

Since they did, and now are enrolling all these unvaccinated migrants, she’s looking at a really juicy lawsuit. That wasn’t an option then, only a bonus now, for being so firm in her faith.

It was a choice between keeping my qualifications… or being pushed to choose that they were going to terminate me because I was not going to comply. I was never going to comply, so I had to choose to lose my career.” It always seems to have a karmic way of working out in the end. Newball walked away from eight years in the New York City school system.

The difficult decision meant sacrificing the experience and training. I had to let it all go.” Another group of ticked off are the “26,000 schoolchildren who were not allowed in the schools because they were unvaccinated while migrants can attend without.” The decision “is being rubbed in the face of taxpayers.

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