Down to the Wire: Growing Call to Invoke the Insurrection Act


Liberal Democrats are terrified that President Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act. Things are getting down to the wire, with the window of opportunity for President Trump to take bold and decisive action rapidly closing. A declaration of a national emergency is looming on the horizon.


Insurrection Act allows troop deployment

Terrified liberals are beginning to realize that Joe Biden isn’t going to be allowed to set foot in the White House without a bloody civil war. They are particularly frightened over the fact that it’s becoming increasingly likely that President Donald Trump is about to dust off the 1807 law called “the Insurrection Act.”

Liberals scream that it can only be used in “the most violent circumstances.” They also want their readers to believe that the president is limited in what he is allowed to do. In the case of an emergency, the president can do just about anything.

The law specifically called the Insurrection Act is meant to be used in the case of domestic uprisings. Like the ones we had all summer long with organized Black Lives Matter groups looting and burning their way across America, and in the case of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, even seizing and occupying territory like an army would.

In recent days, Trump supporting attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood have been joined by retired General Michael Flynn in calls for the imposition of Martial Law.

While the Insurrection Act was tailor made for the riots we had this summer, the president has much broader powers at his disposal. The election fraud is only one justification for a state of emergency.

The serious breach of national security by an unknown foreign nation, possibly China, is another good reason to declare a National Emergency. Then, there’s the whole corrupt and rotten system of justice which plotted to overthrow President Donald Trump since even before he was elected.

Authority to arrest everyone

As Roger stone assures the public, “the president’s authority is the Insurrection Act and his ability to declare martial law.” Notice that Stone spells it out that those are two different things.

After declaring a state of national emergency on ANY GROUNDS, President Donald Trump can order the arrest of everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to Hillary Clinton. Whether they are rioting in the streets or not.

As part of any declaration of emergency, President Trump can order a “do over” of the entire election or possibly just the contested states. It would be done properly and securely with the military in control of the entire process.

That’s the option that General Flynn is backing. While the Insurrection Act overlaps with other emergency powers of the president, it doesn’t need to come into play at all. The ability to have anyone arrested and to enforce any order comes automatically with the emergency declaration so isn’t limited to riots.

On the other hand, the Insurrection Act is practically guaranteed to come into play if President Trump is prevented from declaring emergency and Joe Biden manages to take the oath of office. At that point, a bloody civil war to defend the Constitution will occur and Biden will be forced to call out the troops against patriots.

One thing is certain, we’re in more than one emergency at once. One administration or another will use it as an excuse to take action. Either President Trump will use it to defend the Constitution or Biden will use it to defeat the Constitution. If so he’ll have to do it over the bodies of patriots who will defend Lady Liberty to the bitter end.

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