Family Heard Horrific Sounds in the Dark, Stumble Upon Shocking Discovery in the Morning


This Oklahoma family were alarmed to hear some unsettling sounds in the distance as they were sitting on their front porch. They quickly called police to report a disturbance but when officers arrived, they didn’t find anything. The next morning, the family went out to investigate and found something shocking.

It all began one night when nine-year old Hudsyn Shaw went to stay with her friend and neighbor, eight year old Zoey Mattingly. Her mother, Tera Mattingly thought it would be a good idea to take the two girls for a drive. Dawn Shaw, Hudsyn’s mother recalled that Tera liked to take drives often which is why she agreed to go along.

Suddenly their peaceful Sunday night was shattered by the sound of a motorcycle speeding down the road followed by an earth shaking crash. Ryan Boyce and his family heard the noise and were sure that there had been a collision with no survivors. He called the police but they couldn’t find any signs of an accident so they went to bed that night.

The next morning however, Ryan’s brother felt something prompting him to check again and upon closer inspection he saw something 100 feet away from the road in a densely wooded area – a small car flipped over with two bodies nearby later identified as Tera Mattingly and Zoey Mattingly; but there was still life at the scene – Hudsyn Shaw had survived miraculously.

Hudsyn was removed from the scene and taken to OU Children’s Hospital where it was discovered that she had suffered multiple fractures including her arm, clavicle, pelvis, back, and ankle – fortunately though she hadn’t experienced any internal organ damage or brain injury.

Dawn didn’t know what had happened until her neighbor told her about how they never returned home after their drive together that night; only then did she realize how lucky she was for having her daughter safe with her now.

The Boyces were instrumental in saving this little girl’s life; if not for them speaking up against what their hearts were telling them then things could have ended very differently for this child who now has been given another chance at life due to divine intervention.

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