Fan Favorite DEAD… He’s Really Gone


Sci-fi fans are going to be crushed by this news.

Mark Goddard, who played Major Don West in “Lost in Space,” passed away recently.

He was 87 years old.

He’s Gone

Goddard’s son confirmed the death, as well as stating that his father had died from pulmonary fibrosis.

This is the thickening of the walls in the lungs.

According to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, it can be caused by: Drug-induced, Radiation-induced, Environmental, Autoimmune, and Occupational.

Bill Mumy, who played Will Robinson on the show, left a heartfelt note on Facebook about Goddard.

He stated, “R.I.P. to Mark Goddard.

“A truly beloved friend and brother to me for 59 years.

“I knew this was coming for the past few months.

“Shortly after a great phone chat he and I had on his 87th birthday in late July, I became aware that I would most likely never see or speak with him again.

“The last words we exchanged were ‘I love you.’”

While he will always be known for “Lost in Space,” Goddard had a pretty significant career.

His first big role dated back to 1959, playing Cully, in “Johnny Ringo.”

He also had a recurring role in “The Detectives” as Sgt. Chris Ballard, a show many of us remember as children.

Toward the end of his career, he also did a small stint on “General Hospital” as Derek Barrington.

Rest in peace, Mark.

Source: Fox News

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