FBI Rat Stefan Halper Dragged Back Into Lawsuit By Appeal


FBI rat Stefan Halper was dragged back into the spotlight and you can bet that John Durham’s team is watching closely to see what happens next. A case which the Deep State thought they killed crawled up out of the grave seeking vengeance.

Halper back in the headlines

The name Stefan Halper stumbled, zombie-like, back into the headlines when a federal court of appeals “breathed new life” into a case the Deep State thought was dead and buried.

London-based “academic” Svetlana Lokhova filed a complaint in Virginia federal court a long time ago. The defendant is “former FBI confidential human source Stefan Halper.” His lawyer got it dismissed. Her lawyer has stronger voodoo and got it reinstated.

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals took a hard look at what happened a year ago and came to the conclusion that U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema “abused her authority in dismissing the lawsuit.” FBI pet rat Halper isn’t happy about the decision.

We conclude that the court could not have properly concluded that Lokhova’s complaint,” the 3-0 decision reads, “had absolutely no chance of success.” She had a chance and that’s all it takes. The dismissal is reversed. Lokhova doesn’t need to worry about that silly “penalty” for “filing an allegedly frivolous lawsuit,” either.

We conclude that the district court abused its discretion in finding Lokhova’s complaint frivolous and concluding on that basis that its filing violated Rule 11.” That was meant to chill the free speech of anyone else who might dare to have a similar idea.

The court banged the gavel to reverse the lower court and send the case back for another go. Halper just happens to be “one of the two primary confidential human sources, along with former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, in the FBI’s now-discredited Crossfire Hurricane investigation of alleged collusion between Trump and the Kremlin.

Not a ‘honey pot’

Svetlana, her lawsuit argues, may be a “honey pot” but that’s none of the FBI’s business because she never used her “talents” as a spy for Russia. Halper maligned her reputation with lies that she “left a 2014 foreign meeting with General Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security advisor.” The intelligence community quickly determined the smear was “not plausible” and “not accurate.”

Even though they knew it was baseless, the Federal Bureau of Instigation leaked juicy details to the press “in a series of stories that portrayed Lokhova as a ‘honey pot‘ Russian spy.

The false allegation Halper made against Ms. Lokhova was used to “open a full-scale investigation of Flynn under the guise he had been compromised by the Kremlin.” The whole tale of horror is told in declassified records. This is now the second suit she filed against Halper for defamation.

The first one failed on other grounds so this time around she added in the part where the rat “engaged in tortious business interference when he sent letters seeking to stop a book publisher from publishing Lokhova’s book.” That was enough to make it fly, but not until the court of appeals got a chance to check.

The appeals court was not happy with Judge Brinkema. They unanimously chewed her out. “The imposition of a monetary sanction against Lokhova for the frivolousness of her complaint appears to violate Rule 11.” What that means to ordinary people is that it’s against the regulations lawyers use to keep themselves in line.

The lies Halper spread about her ruined Svetlana’s life. “The media scrutiny, social media scrum, and violent threats against her because of these false allegations, forced her to flee her home, cost her the academic position she held and her PhD, tarnished her reputation, and have prevented her from re-gaining employment in her chosen field.

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