Feds Drop the Hammer on Democrat Senator, Now She is Facing 20 Years


The FBI dropped both the hammer and the anvil on Tennessee State Democrat Senator Katrina Robinson. Her champagne wishes and caviar dreams came to an abrupt end Wednesday as she was dragged away in handcuffs, charged with theft and embezzlement. Depending on what mood the judge is in when she finally gets to sentencing, Robinson could get up to 20 years.

This Senator represented herself

Elected to represent the interests of the 33rd District in Shelby County, Tennessee, Senator Robinson primarily represented herself. Just a few of the highlights from the federal court records are notations that “Robinson used the stolen funds to buy a 2016 Jeep Renegade automobile for her daughter, a $5,000 wrought iron front entry door for her home, clothing, accessories and beauty products.”

According to the indictment filed in federal court, Katrina Robinson, a 39-year-old state level Senator of the Democrat persuasion, skimmed around $600,000 from The Healthcare Institute, a company which listed her as a director on paper. She’s looking at a sentence of up to 20 years and a $250,000 fine.

The “institute” raked in a cool $2.2 million taxpayer dollars in federal grants. Most of that financed Robinson’s lavish lifestyle. Her family made out like bandits too, because “Robinson used a large portion of the money for personal purchases for herself and her family in violation of the term of the grant.” The Senator paid more than $2k for supplies so her kids could run a snow-cone stand.

A commentary on modern life

In a commentary on modern life, Senator Robinson used embezzled money to pay for her wedding, honeymoon, and subsequent divorce. “Anyone who seeks to take advantage of government programs will be vigorously investigated by the FBI, regardless of who they are or any position they hold.” Those entrusted with federal money aren’t allowed to use it to pay off their “credit cards and student loan.”

Jermicha Fomby is Acting Special Agent in Charge at the Memphis FBI field office. He wants the public to know “the FBI will continue to work diligently with our law enforcement partners to identify and investigate those who seek to exploit government programs and line their own pockets.” Even if they are a Senator.

The crucial event that led to the arrest of Senator Robinson happened when the Department of Health and Human Services got a tip “she bought a $550 Louis Vuitton bag using the Institute’s funds.” That’s a no-no. “Protection of the United States Treasury and federal grant programs against theft, fraud, waste, and abuse is a top priority of this office and the Department of Justice.”


      1. Hell, I bet she’s been in prison before, so she knows the ropes. Most politicians are just like her…they just haven’t been caught….YET. Where there’s ONE rat like this crazy-ass loon there are others.

      2. The foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II was NEVER a legal citizen of the United States. And he certainly does not inherit his mother’s American citizenship as she became a citizen of Kenya, East Africa, and later, a citizen of Indonesia where Barack Hussein Obama II attended Islamic School. All Hawaiian documents are fraudulent!

        USAF (RET)

    2. I say plant her ass under the jail! Why should the tax payers of this country pay to keep trash like this in prison! Put the bitch on a chain gang and make her work for her keeps! Then when she’s not working put her in solitary confinement! Also while the FBI is at it they should confiscate all of her property to auction off to pay back all the money she stole!

    3. She’ll get a slap on the hand. She’s black and a democrat. Probably some OBAMA appointed judge will let her go free. Just see what happens.

  1. I’m confused….
    She stole $600,000 but will only have to pay back $250,000?
    WHY can’t our retribution laws be updated to force people to pay for theft & damage even if they spend the rest of their lives paying for it?
    And they shouldn’t get 1 penny or 1 benefit from the government, including welfare, unemployment, etc. until their criminal debts are paid in full.

    If all those little ANTIFA & BLM monsters had to pay for the damage they have caused, including medical bills & funeral costs of the victims they have assaulted & injured or killed it might change their way of thinking…

  2. Small potatoes!…Its a start I suppose…Im waiting to hear big thieves are going to jail..Biden,Clinton and half of Congress

  3. She deserves every hour she serves in prison but if she gets a Democratic Judge she will probably get off with a slap on the wrist like Hillary and Obama have done due to the incompetence of the FBI and the Justice Department.

  4. She named herself as defense attorney and had a fool for a client! How utterly fortunate for all those she ripped off while in an elective office she defiled and no one ever mentioned the fact she was Black because THAT would be utterlty RACIST, though it would also be sheer unadulterated TRUTH! So much for integrity and honoring one’s oath of office and she is but the tip of the iceberg as the only thing more corrupt than a politician, is two or more of them and WHY we need STRICTLY ENFORCED TERM LIMITS and an audit before taking the oath of office and another audit before they are allowed to leave IF there is a large unexplained difference in assets from before to after. These people MUST be held both responsible and accountable for the things they do. She ought to get the maximum penalty for having betrayed a public trust but, in THIS anything but equitable Justice system, and no matter what the article implies; she will likely get off scot free~! After all The entire Deep State cabal began in the Obama administration and no one from it has yet been held EITHER responsible or accountable, and THAT is a national TRAVESTY!

  5. Biden and his family have been pocketing millions using the office of the v.p. and violating dozens of federal regs and probably breaking tax laws on reporting and disclosing monies and breaking interstate commerce laws …where’s hunter..

  6. I agree with Jerry. I am waiting for Obama Clinton comey Brennan clapper rice Biden and a lot more will be indicted. Until thst happens we don’t have a justice system

  7. Jermicha Fomby is Acting Special Agent in Charge at the Memphis FBI field office. He wants the public to know “the FBI will continue to work diligently with our law enforcement partners to identify and investigate those who seek to exploit government programs and line their own pockets.” Even if they are a Senator.
    BUT they draw the line at the state level….they can not have those lowly senators trying to replicate the senators in D.C. , that have mastered the art of money laundering in the 100 millions and maybe even in billions….

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