Fisherman Made Unexpected Discovery, Then the Navy Arrived

Fisherman Makes Unexpected Discovery, Then the Navy Arrives

After a fisherman made an unexpected discovery while out on his scallop boat, the U.S. Navy was called to New Bedford, Massachusetts to investigate.

Explosive disposal specialists from the U.S. Navy and representatives from the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services were sent to New Bedford on the morning of July 22 after a fisherman on a scallop boat found something unexpected while fishing for scallops: a potentially explosive weapon.

Scallops are clam-like mollusks that are typically harvested using dredges or trawls, tools that scrape the ocean floor, which is likely where the ordnance was found.

Officials have not revealed precisely where the weapon was found, but they have released a photo of the item on the ground, which appeared to be rusted over.

The image was shared on Twitter by the Massachusetts State Police, who wrote:

“Troopers from MSP Bomb Squad assigned to @MassDFS and @USNavy EOD specialist are en route to New Bedford to examine this piece of ordnance recovered by a scallop boat and brought to shore. Update to come later.”

After both a visual inspection and an X-ray inspection, it was determined that the ordnance found by the scallop fisherman was a 57mm armor-piercing projectile. According to officials, the projectile did not pose an explosive hazard.

It has been secured and will be turned over to the military at a later date.

The Massachusetts State Police confirmed this information in an update posted to their Twitter page. “Bomb Squad/Navy EOD determined, via visual and x-ray inspection, the ordnance is a 57mm armor piercing projectile that did not pose an explosive hazard. Projectile has been secured and will be turned over to military EOD at a later date,” they wrote.

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