Fox News White House Reporter CRUSHES Karine Jean-Pierre

Karine Jean-Pierre
Photo via Rumble Video Screenshot

Peter Doocy better watch taking days off because Jacqui Heinrich might be taking his job soon.

Heinrich went toe-to-toe with Karine Jean-Pierre in a way we have not seen very often.

She did not back down, making KJP look like a liar in the process.

Don’t Back Down

Heinrich set KJP up by asking her if Biden would use an EO to extend Title 42 to keep the border under control.

KJP responded, “We remain under a court order to lift Title 42. That is a court order.”

That was the exact answer Heinrich needed to pounce.

She pressed KJP again, and while KJP was spewing rhetoric, Heinrich interjected, “But the administration sought to lift it.”

KJP fired back, “But it is a court order. That is —”

But Heinrich just continued to fire shots, stating, “Started by you guys.”

This administration continues to act as though it has no role in this rule being ended, but that is not the truth.

Great job by Heinrich.

Source: The Blaze

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