Freedom of Speech in Modern YouTube Chat Rooms


Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman is fighting for Freedom. With a capital “F.” He’s walking down the main street sidewalk of every town between Carson City, Nevada and Washington, D.C. to prove the point. That’s from the capitol of his home state to the capitol of our decaying and declining nation. If we’re ever going to pull our beloved Constitution out of the swamp, we need to address the huge elephant standing in the middle of our chat room. Trigger Alert! Today’s column is going to be controversial, so grab a can of Play Doh and your security blanket. America itself is not in a safe space, either.

Freedom marches to Nebraska

As of Thursday, September 29, Grey Wolf and his fearless team of patriots are arriving in Gothenburg, Nebraska, home of the ORIGINAL Pony Express station. As Grey Wolf Walk continues to rise in the Google search rankings, so are the donations! Thank you again to all our supporters.

Freedom isn’t free and this isn’t about buying four houses. Ron needs gas, food, and most importantly, supporters on the ground to show how much he’s appreciated. Everyone is welcome to walk along. We’ll have more on that momentarily.

Nobody will be able to pry Ron Coleman away from the Gothenburg Pony Express Station on Saturday. See the Grey Wolf page for all the details on why that is such a tremendously important stop for freedom.

The short version is that a child’s note written in crayon, which Ron carried to Capitol Hill and read in front of two respected senators, inspired him enough to walk back to Washington.

As a journalist, I’ve been watching Ron Coleman since he surfaced as part of The People’s Convoy. Back in March, I served as an impartial observer and documented my impressions. I was impressed considerably by American Patriot Ron Coleman. If he didn’t walk another step, he’ll still go down in American legend, if not the actual history books.

I had no idea about this project until he was almost out of Utah. The moment I heard, I stopped being a passive observer and became an active participant. I’m standing up to be counted as a fighter for freedom. It was obvious to me from the first time I checked in that he needs all the help he can get. In my personal opinion, he’s important enough to drop everything and do what I can.

Welcome to the chat room

Every YouTube stream has a chat window. Conservatives are totally familiar with the constant stream of disruptive comments and strings of colorful emojis flying past. They’re totally calculated to distract from the message on the screen. Most of them are put there by python script “bots.” Bots don’t donate to the Freedom cause. Out of self-defense, chat moderators are forced to take measures, often drastic.

The game is as familiar to the trolls as it is to the moderators. They laugh and keep score over how long it takes for their latest persona to be detected and banned. They were trained to do that by social media itself. Very carefully, by professionals at social engineering. I like to throw a monkey wrench into that dynamic. I soon found myself getting dirty glares from the Grey Wolf moderators. They think I’m a heretic for suggesting we let the trolls actually participate. That’s not as horrid as it sounds.

Before I came on scene, one particular activist, who I won’t name yet, totally made a pest of himself and inevitably got banned permanently. He has friends. They’re the kind of Antifa™ sympathizing anarchists who take over Facebook groups and plaster goats all over the place. One of them managed to talk our admins into giving him moderator status. I have to honestly give the guy bonus points for that.


The patriots soon learned what a mistake giving him a wrench was. As soon as I came in, I realized we’re still infested. I don’t mind. I actually believe in what we are here fighting for. Freedom. In this case freedom of speech.

I had no idea that someone in a recent chat had a “history” with our little group of patriots which had gotten him banned. After a brief chat, which actually had me interested, the admins realized who he was and bounced him again. I don’t work that way. Of course, acting like a three year old in a chat room is the equivalent of yelling fire in a theater. Offenders should be banned for that. On the other hand, civilized debate on a controversial subject should not be censored. Isn’t that what we’re complaining YouTube does to start with? I tracked the guy down.


I came walking into his camp waving a white flag and totally blew several progressive minds. After finding out first that we actually have common ground on an issue which is important to them. I offered the liberal activist another chance. If he agrees to act “professional.” His crew gets the same offer. I like those folks. They deserve some freedom of speech, provided they don’t come crashing in like barbarians on January 6. They remind me of Utah Open Political Debate. I haven’t been in that rabidly socialist Facebook group for years but I bet they’re still talking about me. When the patriots found out who it was I was inviting to come in, I can’t blame them for being nervous. As of this writing, negotiations are ongoing.

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