Fresh FBI Documents Attempt to Conceal Terrifying Truth


ICYMI – The FBI just turned a cache of documents over to the Wall Street Journal about “Las Vegas Shooter” Stephen Paddock. They’re still not going out on a limb to say they know what his motive was. They do say he was definitely mad at the casinos. The Behavioral Analysis Unit won’t be telling you what was really going on in his brain. The reason why they aren’t telling you now, in particular, is because of the recent toxic East Palestine train disaster. The bureau has known for years that Stephen Paddock shot up Las Vegas because he was hypersensitive to “ordinary” chemicals, mostly cleaning products. The reason why he was hypersensitive is because he had been exposed to toxic chemicals just like the folks in East Palestine, Ohio and surrounding areas into Pennsylvania. He most likely got his triggering exposure from cleaning chemicals used in the casino hotels he frequented. They don’t tell you that.

FBI misinformation release

The FBI just released some interesting but misleading information about the case of mass shooter Stephen Paddock, notorious for “the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.” The “criminal minds” guys at the Behavioral Analysis Unit refuse to admit they know why he did it.

CNN reports news they got from Wall Street Journal to say the gambler “may have harbored resentment over how he and other high rollers were treated by casinos.” He probably did but it doesn’t matter as much as other aspects. Like why his girlfriend couldn’t wear makeup around him.

The documents which WSJ obtained were all “heavily redacted” but the FBI turned over “hundreds of pages of investigation records, evidence inventories and interviews with people who knew Paddock.” The network media are all reporting that the records “provide a fuller picture of the gunman’s obsessive gambling habits.

CNN makes sure to note that “the investigative documents never arrive at a definitive motive for why Paddock opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers from a window of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in October 2017, killing 58 people and injuring about 500 others.” They also won’t tell you exactly why the authorities sent his brain off to Stanford for a rather special autopsy. One that showed all sorts of interesting things which back up other interesting things already revealed in publicly available documents.

The FBI opened up their file the day after the massacre and closed it a year later “announcing it had found no clear motive for Paddock’s attack.” They say he didn’t leave a note or any explanation. The only new information which caught the attention of network media has to do with what a fellow gambler had to say when they interviewed him. He told agents that Paddock was “upset at the way casinos were treating him and other high rollers.

Paddock hadn’t been such a high roller lately because he’d been losing more and more. There was a reason for that. One the bureau knows but doesn’t like to talk about. Paddock’s gambling buddy thinks the loss of casino perks caused Paddock to “snap.” Maybe it did but the breaking point had been a long time coming.

Exorbitant amounts of money

Paddock’s gambling buddy confirmed a lot of what was already known. He loved video poker and “had a bankroll of about $2 to 3 million.” He had the money to burn if it came to that but for many years after his retirement, he made a considerable profit from gambling professionally. “The gunman would regularly play for 6 to 8 hours a day at casinos, and sometimes as many as 18 hours a day, the gambler said.

What the FBI isn’t telling you is that as his health continued to deteriorate, he stopped making a profit and the losses piled up. By then, it appears he had become aware he was afflicted with an incurable, un-treatable disease. One which would exile him from his beloved casinos for the rest of his life. He had already been forced to surrender his pilot’s license because he couldn’t tolerate the required blood pressure meds. Losing his lifestyle entirely was more than he could take.

Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance is, as the name suggests, started or “induced” by an exposure to “toxicants.” That can happen two ways. One is a prolonged exposure to low levels of certain classes of chemicals, as Paddock would have been subjected to, with long hours inside casinos and living in the hotels for extended stays.

The other way is what happened in East Palestine, an acute exposure to large amounts of chemicals. Almost all of the ones involved or released in the Ohio derailment disaster are the kinds long suspected to trigger life-long effects. The symptoms get progressively worse over time and become both debilitating and isolating. The FBI knows all that. They were hoping to be able to rule that out with the brain autopsy. Nobody ever was able to explain exactly why they did send his brain off. They don’t do that routinely at all.

Once the FBI got the Stanford report back from Dr. Hans Vogel they were grinning from ear to ear. He managed to find a whole lot of nothing. He found exactly what they didn’t want him to find but he made sure not to go out of his way and explain what those findings actually mean. That made everyone happy. They could quietly slip it under the rug and forget all about him. Then, the train derailed in East Palestine, Erin Brockovich showed up in Ohio, and a crazy two-bit conservative blogger started mentioning Stephen Paddock, chemical hypersensitivity and East Palestine in the same sentence.

They brought out the story of the gambling buddy to prove he was mad at the casinos and that’s why he did it without saying “that’s why he did it.” That way, they don’t have to explain all the “unusually large numbers of corpora amylacea in subpial, perivascular, and minor subependymal distributions” Dr. Vogel found. They come from Alzheimer’s, which Vogel says Paddock didn’t have and they come from exposure to airborne toxic chemicals, which he didn’t mention. He also found “GFAP,” which indicates chemical sensitivity, and other clear biomarkers. He reported what he found. He claimed not to have a clue what they meant. Problem solved, or so the FBI thought. Then that darn train had to go and derail.

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