GOP Senator Says There Must Be a ‘Reckoning’ for China for Coronavirus Deception

New report reveals what China’s numbers really are.
Covid19 - Coronavirus
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Throughout this pandemic, it has become painfully obvious that China has been less than forthcoming with information that possibly could have saved lives.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) is now demanding that China be held responsible for its actions.

Cotton stated, “China turned what could have been a local health problem in Wuhan into a global pandemic and there will have to be a reckoning once we’re through this pandemic.”

Start Cutting China Off

If the United States were to significantly cut back on its current supply chain from China, it would be a legitimate threat to the country’s economy.

To that point, Cotton stated, “We need to look at all the other supply chains that we have in China that we should bring back to the United States.”

Cotton has been furious all along, but a new report out of the UK has put him over the edge.

That report estimates that China is underreporting its numbers by anywhere from “15 to 40 times” the real number.

China has reported 81,439 cases, so the real number could be anywhere from 1.2 million to more than 3 million.

China has only reported just shy of 3,200 deaths, so that number could be anywhere from 47,805 to more than 119,000 deaths.

Based on what we are seeing here in the United States right now, those numbers would seem to be far more realistic than what China currently has on the books.

According to Fox News, a second official agreed with Cotton, stating, “there has to be a reckoning when this is over.”

Another official hinted that while Trump may be putting on a happy face regarding China, “the anger goes right to the top.”

What Can We Do?

There is little doubt the United States needs to become more independent when it comes to its supply chain, especially where medical supplies and pharmaceuticals are concerned.

However, realistically, we cannot cut China off completely.

All of this posturing by government officials makes for a great soundbite, but we do have to consider the number of goods China buys from the United States, especially for our farmers.

The less we buy from China, the less they will buy from us.

Our government is going to have to figure a way to balance out our independence while keeping that floodgate open or it won’t just be China’s economy that tanks, it will also be ours.

  1. China holds $1.18 billion of our treasuries which is about one-half the amount of the stimulus package China’s distribution of COVID-19 caused our country to pass. Sure seems that President Trump should cause China to rescind, forgive, or give back those I.O.U.’s to compensate us for the havoc they caused. They should also give us any ownership interests they hold in U.S. companies. This is all the basic stuff that President Trump is hopefully pursuing.

    1. Do you mean 1.8 Trillion? Ownership of a factory in China will always be Chinese.. 51%.. 49%.. 100% really doesn’t matter.. the factory remains in China and under Chinese control. The percentage ‘owned’ by the Chinese currently was simply to make billionaires out of certain Chinese people, linked to the government… lots of which was wealth in their and other countries stock markets, bond markets, labor markets.
      We, imo, will see something like in Venezuela or Cuba and they will be ‘Nationalized’. Like in those two countries immediately the quality and dependability will start dropping.. a little at first. Depending on supply chain purchasing, if, say, apple moved to Singapore for I-phone productions a lot, then the I-phone factory in China will have to retool for the ‘Chinese phone’… quality starts crashing without the fairly massive Apple research Division inputs, Centralization starts running the factory that has less innovation…
      This ends up with a perfectly fine production model… just like Venezuela oil, slowly collapsing as tech and high quality personnel simply leave China or the subsector in China.
      Start figuring the ‘American’ infrastructure in China is not actually ours, it is gone, was gone as soon as it was built, and only exists on corporate balance sheets.
      Obviously, the danger in this mess is war, real war, war from China struggling to keep its ruling class from being disposed of, by jobless starving masses.
      So backing out of China needs to be gradual, constant, till America becomes the ‘Boss’, China the follower happy for whatever breadcrumbs- ‘%’ of, whatever of, America allows. Even then, China remains a filthy place virials’ will come from.

  2. There will be time after this pandemic is in our rear mirrors to thoroughly investigate the reasons for this contagion. Right now we should stop the Sinophobia and join together in a common effort to hasten the demise of Covid 19. Senators Cotton, Rubio, Scott, Cruz and Hawley have been totally wrong in describing the violent protesters in Hong Kong as “Freedom Fighters”, when in truth they are anarchists and nihilists ,who have imposed a “Reign of Terror” on the residents of Hong Kong. Even in this virus nightmare they have not completely halted their violent protests.

  3. Communist China knowingly hid the virus, they knowingly failed to ask for international help. From the looks of everything that virus was created in a Communist Chinese Military research facility and some how escaped containment. So seeing to it that Communist China is held 100% culpable is not being Sino-phobic, but dealing rationally with a government that has proven it’s self deceitful.
    Divesting from Communist China is called for on a global basis, remember Communist China made and sent tainted medicines a few years back that caused the deaths of hundreds of Americans, all they did was fake an apology and say “It no happen again, oh so sorry”. It is time to rebuild our own manufacturing of medicines, clothing, electronics and other durable goods. Communist China is no friend to the world remember that!

    1. I said the same thing when the Virus first made the news! Straight from the Wuhan Bio-Lab! The Chinos only have (2) level 4 Bio-Labs and Wuhan is home to one!

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