Graphic Image of Disgusting Pedo Receiving Prison Justice Goes Viral


A graphic image surfaced online showing what fellow inmates did to one pedophile who was convicted of raping and killing a baby and it’s sparked a huge debate over whether the actions were justified. Do you think prison justice was delivered fairly in this case?

Daryell Dickson Menezes Xavier, a 25-year-old Brazilian Gracie Barra competitor and professional Jiu-Jitsu instructor, is serving time in jail for the horrific rape and death of his one year old stepson Baby Miguel Estrela. This tragedy began when Gabrielle Estrella, Miguel’s mother, left her son with Xavier.

Soon after he called saying that the boy had convulsions and had fallen. The two took him to the hospital where it was determined that the injuries did not match up with a simple fall. Medical professionals alerted authorities who arrested Xavier based on his contradictory story and evidence pointing at him as being the only person who had contact with Baby Miguel before his death two days later.

The punishment for murdering an innocent child may seem like it could never be harsh enough but some are downright too lenient to imagine. In this case of justice taken into one’s own hands, Daryell Dickson Menezes Xavier faced real demons while behind bars in a Brazilian prison when other inmates attacked and tortured him viciously after details of his crime spread through the facility.

He was stabbed in the back by fellow convicts and raped repeatedly by an estimated 20 inmates according to Daily Mail as well as Inquisitr which reported that “the inmates were still furious about the crime he committed so they tore apart stitches that he received and raped him again”.

Though some criticize these acts as “uncivilized” many have chosen to celebrate vigilante justice in this instance due to public perception that court systems often coddle criminals instead of giving them proper punishments for their heinous crimes against children.

It raises questions regarding if there is ever going to be a true sense of real justice served or if we should just let karma take its course no matter how terrible or cruel it may be considered by others.

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