Hamas Weapons Factory Discovered


Hamas, it seems, had one of their improvised rocket labs conveniently located underneath a mosque. Not only that, the tunnel shaft was hooked in to a network which covers almost as much underground space as the New York City subway system.

Hamas weapons stash

Israeli forces are reporting the discovery of “a weapons storage facility and laboratory for Hamas rockets.” Hidden beneath a mosque, IDF located the home-brew munitions along with “a whiteboard featuring sketches of airstrike plans.

The only reason they put the explosives under the holy protection of God was to keep them from being bombed by the Jews.

Hamas was expecting the Israelis to follow the rules of war, sparing hospitals and churches. Instead, they tossed the rule book out the window and decided to obliterate the goat humping terrorists off the face of the Earth, no matter how nasty it looks on TV.

The latest footage which you won’t find plastered on the evening news, because it doesn’t fit the pro-Hamas media narrative, shows “a partially destroyed mosque taken over by advancing Israeli soldiers.” The filmed as they “head into the basement and uncover a base allegedly used by the terrorist group.

Hidden beneath the mosque and accessible only by a ladder is a long vertical shaft, which helps keep Hamas terrorists in shape. There, the goat humpers tapped into the entire 300-mile underground tunnel system.

The Israeli military has known for years that the entrances were all hidden by “civilian buildings such as mosques, hospitals and schools.

Improvised thermobaric weapons

In one of the underground Hamas storerooms, “the Israeli soldiers can be seen uncovering dozens of mortars, warhead missiles, thermobaric weapons and RPGs.” Sunday school class appears to have been interrupted suddenly because some of the homemade munitions were “finished and ready to go while others look to be mid-production.

The whiteboard shows the day’s class was being held on “plans to use the rockets and trace the paths of Israeli airstrikes.

This isn’t the first video IDF has released to prove that Hamas is using hospitals, schools and mosques as protective shields. America’s network media is on the side of the goat humping terrorists so refuse to believe it, even when they see it.

Since that doesn’t match what they’ve been telling you, they refuse to air the footage. Social media hasn’t been censored as completely as Joe Biden would like so the evidence keeps getting out to the public, anyway.

Earlier this week, “the IDF released a video tour of a 33-foot-deep, 180-meter-long tunnel located under Gaza City’s largest hospital, the al-Shifa medical complex.

That particular tunnel entrance “contains various defense mechanisms, such as a blast-proof door and a firing hole, in an attempt by Hamas to block Israeli forces from entering.” They found that one “near a shed containing RPGs, explosives and Kalashnikov rifles.” Standard hospital equipment for radical Arabs.

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