He Had Multiple Secret Meetings with Biden Admin…


Sam Bankman-Fried had friends in some high Biden administration places. He met with Joe’s direct advisors “at least four times this year.” That was before Sam was arrested on fraud charges. One of those meetings was with none other than deputy chief of staff Bruce Reed.

Biden took advice from fraudster

Joe Biden wasn’t in the meetings but the guys who tell him what to think were.

Sam Bankman-Fried had the ear of White House advisor Steve Ricchetti, sitting down with him at the Imperial Palace “on at least three occasions in 2022.” Bloomberg broke the story on Thursday, December 29.

The most recent time SBF visited the handlers of Joe Biden was on September 8, when he dropped in on Ricchetti, “who serves as a counselor” to His Wisdom. Sam brought his kid brother, Gabriel, along on May 13.

The American public will soon be demanding to know what, exactly, was discussed in those meetings. His only qualification appears to be heavy donations to Democrats of illegally obtained funding.

Even New York Post is shocked. The report, they write, “further demonstrates the close political connections Bankman-Fried developed in Washington before his stunning downfall.

Joe Biden was probably eating up every word he said like it was ice cream.

What about the money

Earlier, Washington Free Beacon reported that “Bankman-Fried was welcomed to the West Wing for two meetings with Ricchetti on April 22 and May 11.” Nobody put two and two together yet because the names of SBF and his polycule of co-conspirators weren’t household words yet.

They’re all facing major charges and multiple life sentences after allegedly “defrauding investors out of at least $1.8 billion.” The tricky part is that they handed millions out to Democrats. Including Joe Biden.

Propaganda Minister Karine Jean-Pierre refuses to answer any questions. Anything she doesn’t feel comfortable with, she deflects with an invocation of the “Hatch Act.

Reporters keep quizzing her if Biden aides will “return 2020 campaign contributions from the accused cryptocurrency con man.” She’s not speculating one way or the other, just ducking the question.

It’s nearly certain that what got him open access to the inner circle of Joe’s handlers was the $50,000 he handed to the Biden Victory Fund in October 2020. That, along with “another $2,800 directly to the Biden campaign that same month.

If that wasn’t enough to get him VIP treatment, “Bankman-Fried also spent $10 million backing Biden’s 2020 campaign through indirect donations.” All of it obtained by fraud and now vanished into thin air like a puff of Hunter’s crack smoke,

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