Here’s Liberals INSANE ‘Policy’…Eat BUGS


The answer to the question what’s for dinner just took a lurch to the left that nobody saw coming. It’s reminiscent of the sudden fad that put lobster on the mid-18th century table for the first time. The latest culinary craze to sweep the foodie scene inside the beltway lets liberals enjoy tasty and exotic new dishes, while saving the planet at the same time.

Re-imagining the dinner menu

With all their plans going so well, the global elite started rolling out a brand new marketing campaign. NWO sponsored influencers will have everyone swallowing progressively new and improved climate-friendly dinner options in no time. No self-respecting progressive would think of questioning the wisdom handed down by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Meeting the goals of Agenda 2030 means slashing nitrogen emissions like there was no tomorrow. Literally.

Of course, our New World Order overseers admit, there will be those who resist progressive change, like those pesky farmers in the Netherlands. They’ll soon be beaten into submission. Once they stop kicking and screaming, their land can be seized for migrant housing. Right on schedule.

Everyone might as well just surrender to the inevitable now. Most Europeans and Americans don’t realize that the tasty tomato was once considered toxic waste. The modern dinner staple was “regarded as poisonous in Britain and dismissed for over 200 years.” Today, lobsters are an expensive delicacy. Nobody alive remembers it but the public had to be convinced to eat them. They were “formerly so abundant in the U.S. that they were served to workers and prisoners and were commonly used as fertilizer and fish bait.

They didn’t become fit for human consumption until the mid-18th century. Since then, liberals point out, “its popularity has surged, with the global lobster market expected to reach US$11.1bn (£9.7bn) by 2027.” Similar looking crayfish are a tasty Cajun treat by the bucket load, frequently called “mud bugs.” Is it really that much more of a leap to eating real bugs?

Insects, progressives declare, “are a nutritious food source that can be produced more sustainably than conventional livestock.” You’ll be munching dry roasted larvae like popcorn, they insist, just as soon as you get over that irrational squeamishness.

Insects are on the dinner menu right now in many nations. Only in western cultures is the concept “met with disgust.” That, experts say, is easily changed through “marketing” campaigns.


The ‘other‘ other white meat

Liberal food critics have been sampling the many ways to prepare and consume over 2,000 edible species for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Experts note they are “high in fat, protein and nutrients.” Of course, there is variety “between species and lifecycle stage.” Like between beef and pork or beef and veal. However, “the protein content of insects is frequently 40% to 60%. Insects also provide all of the essential amino acids required for human nutrition.

Take crickets, for instance. You probably didn’t realize that “adult crickets are 65% protein by weight, which is higher than both beef (23%) and tofu (8%).” Not only that, they’re “also high in minerals such as copper, iron and magnesium.

The part that makes Klaus Schwab and his disciples Mark Rutte and Justin Trudeau happy is the fact that “insects are far more efficient at converting their feed into energy than conventional livestock.” Instead of steak for dinner, you’ll soon be asking for second helpings of crickets and mealworm larvae.

That’s because they require “5–10 times less feed than cattle to produce the same weight gain.” As an added bonus, “insects are also cold-blooded, so do not use their metabolism to heat or cool themselves, further reducing energy and food use.

Another factor in favor of insects on the dinner menu is less waste. With a chicken there are too many parts thrown away, from the bones to the beak. “Only 45% of the cattle and 55% of a chicken is consumed on average. For insects, the whole larva and 80% of an adult cricket can be eaten.” Just rip the legs off and dip them in cocktail sauce, like shrimp.

To provide the same nutritional value, insect cultivation therefore uses a fraction of the land, energy and water used for conventional livestock farming.” Instant solution to the Colorado river water shortage crisis and the migrant invasion crisis at the same time. Rumors say that Oprah has a new cookbook coming out.

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