IDF New Tactics Kill 7 Terrorists in 10 Minutes


The Israel Defense Forces have come up with a new plan, and it is clearly working.

The IDF claimed that within a matter of 10 minutes, it had killed 7 Hamas terrorists.

The new tactic involved a quick relay of intelligence to ground forces that could then act on the information and track down the terrorists.

Take Them Out

According to the IDF, it now has dozens of small teams that fall under the Military Intelligence Directorate.

These teams are now working directly with individual divisions and brigades that are now fighting in Gaza.

The IDF offered an example of how this new system is working.

In this case, the intelligence team for the Golani Brigade forwarded information to troops on the ground.

They had located Hamas fighters that were operating near their location.

They then directed artillery fire on their location within 10 minutes of getting the information.

During that time, seven Hamas fighters were killed.

I would say that is a very successful new system.

Source: The Times of Israel

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