Indiana Cops Knew More Than They Claimed…


Indiana police knew more than they were saying, both times they pulled over murder suspect Bryan Kohberger. He may have been speeding and tailgating but that’s not why they stopped him. The real reason was to get a good look at him to see if he had any “defensive” wounds.

Indiana police used a pretext

Bryan Kohberger, prime suspect in the murders of four college students in Moscow, Idaho, was stopped by Indiana police. Not once but twice, on December 15. Both times, the infractions they pulled him over for were a pretext.

What they really wanted was a look at his physical condition. Any bruises or wounds that might be visible would have given the federal investigators some additional evidence.

The murders happened in Idaho, while Kohberger was a student at nearby Washington State University. The reason he was pulled over in Indiana is because he was on his way to the family home in Pennsylvania’s Pocono mountains. He had dad along to share with the driving.

The FBI already had him under surveillance as a suspect. As reported by Daily Mail, the FBI “was desperate to see if Kohberger had suffered any wounds consistent with the four victims trying to defend themselves.

That was a likely possibility because autopsy reports showed that “some of the students fought back against their killer.” The bureau was hoping body cam footage “of the 28-year-old and his hands” would show “they might have been marked by the knife used in the slayings.

Indiana troopers pulled him over once for speeding but didn’t get a clear look. That’s why he was pulled over again less than ten minutes later for following too closely. Neither stop generated a ticket, just warnings.

More nervous the second time

Kohberger didn’t mention to the second set of Indiana police that they had just been stopped. That’s not too suspicious because most people would do the same, not wanting to admit a pattern of bad behavior. Officers noticed right off the bat that he was “looking visibly more concerned during the second stop.

While it was a good ruse, they didn’t hit paydirt. “He did not appear to have any injuries on his arms or hands.” While cuts or bruises would have made the job of investigators a whole lot easier, there is enough solid evidence of other things which reassure them they have the right guy.

It’s believed the attacker used a “fixed-blade knife” of the military “K-bar” variety. Experts say the weapon “was likely to dull quickly, which would have caused injury to the attacker because of the physical force required to kill.

Amateurs on the web are convinced they see marks on his arms in the Indiana videos but the experts aren’t agreeing, yet.

Another thing that looks suspicious is that “Kohberger switched his license place on his car on November 18, just five days after the students were killed.” It wasn’t done illegally but was awful helpful for someone trying to cover their tracks. His white Hyundai was already attracting interest.

Reports suggest that they also found his DNA at the scene before he was pulled over in Indiana. On top of that, he was a student of serial killers. He was apparently writing to the BTK killer and may have picked up a few tips and tricks that way. Obviously, they didn’t help.

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