Iowa Man Burns LGBT Flag… You Won’t Believe the Jail Sentence

This is insane…
Pride Flag
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Burn the American flag in this country, and you walk free and are probably even celebrated by the liberal horde.


Burn a Pride flag in protest, and you get to go to jail for almost two decades.

The Woke Justice System

So, before anyone accuses me of being a gay basher or promoting hate crimes, that is far from the stance I am about to take.

I do, however, believe a man burning a Pride flag being sentenced to 15 years behind bars is more than a bit excessive, but that is exactly what happened.

Adolfo Martinez took down a Pride flag from the United Church of Christ in Ames and burned it in protest.

Because the flag represents sexual orientation, Martinez was charged with a hate crime.

He reportedly also had previous arrests, which by definition made him a habitual offender.

When everything was factored in, he was given a sentence of 15 years, plus 30 days for using fire and another 30 days for harassment.

Should he have been charged with destruction of property, even theft? Absolutely, but 15 years for burning a flag is an atrocity, especially when you consider how lax the laws are when it comes to our own flag.

Anyone can burn our flag, they can stomp on it, they can spit on it, all in the name of protest, and nothing is done to them.

Let your personal flag hit the ground, however, and according to Title 18 U.S. Code § 700, you could be fined and/or imprisoned for up to a year.

Again, to be clear, Martinez took down someone’s property and defiled it, so he should be punished, but, at least in my eyes, if burning the American flag is not considered hateful then how can you consider burning another flag to be such a horrible offense?

He did not beat up a member of the gay community, he did not write anti-Semitic comments on a synagogue… he burned a flag in protest.

Sentence the man to a year, hell, give him two years to make your point, you can even charge him with a hate crime if it makes you feel better, but a decade and a half… that is just insanity.

To put this into perspective, he could have accidentally run someone over with his car and only been sentenced to a maximum of eight years.

Now, if that does tell you how liberal and how woke our justice system has become, nothing will.

  1. Whatever the hell happened to burning a flag is speech and is protected under our Constitution’s first amendment. I truly can’t see a difference that allows the burning of a gay pride flag to be labeled a hate crime-I suppose because it pisses off a bunch of perverts. Let me tell you that when I see someone burning an American flag, it truly pisses me off as well, but it’s called free speech and not a hate crime. Perhaps if we citizens started kicking the shit out of people burning American flags, it might be noticed that some serious hate is being perpetrated on American citizens when our flag is burned, also. In my view it’s either one way or the other-it’s either a hate crime or it’s protected free speech for burning either flag, but it can’t be one way for one group and a different way for a second (and much larger) group.

  2. We must remember one important reality concerning political reality in our country right now. We are no longer a “nation of laws, not men.” We have a double standard of justice, morality, patriotism, politics, and everything else we once took for granted. We have Catholics against Trump, despite the fact he is the only American president to take a strong stand against abortion, while Liberal Catholic politicians support it. We have murderers released or given minor sentences, while burning a flag merits fifteen years imprisonment to “send a message.” We have a nation divided right down the middle, families shattered by political animosity, with a good chance of voting into office a Socialist, totalitarian government in less than a year. We have a dysfunctional educational system that indoctrinates children with Liberal doctrine and wonder why our children are learning less and less each year about traditional values and history. We have our best economy ever, yet seek to remove from office those who made it happen, along with giving ALL of us lower taxes. In such a climate of cultural, political, and moral decay, nothing surprises me. God help us!

  3. Time to put the EQUALITY back into the LAW. When you start creating double standards, you’ve already lost the will of the people.

  4. He should sue those who gave him this outrageous sentence for MALICIOUS prosecution. Those who gave him this sentence should get twice what he got for being so STUPID and charged with a HATE crime as well. Their crime is WILLFUL IGNORANCE and HATE of people who are not IGNORANT like them and does not buy the LIES of the LIBERAL MORONS ruining America.

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