IRS Extorted Gun Shop Owner…Now He is a Lawmaker and About to Go FULL Patriot


Now that Andrew Clyde is about to be sworn in as a federal lawmaker, the Athens, Georgia, gun shop owner – who stood up to IRS extortion – is about to go “full patriot” in his fight against heavy handed and unconstitutional taxation and Second Amendment restrictions.

Patriot plans to fight

Representative-elect Andrew Clyde isn’t waiting to be sworn in to office on January 3. This patriot already has battle plans on the drawing board to go on the offensive against the IRS.

The Navy combat veteran with three combat tours in Iraq and Kuwait under his belt is also a huge advocate for Second Amendment rights and he’ll be fighting just as fiercely for those.

The owner of Clyde Armory is special, Roll Call tweeted, he has “the unique distinction of already having a federal law named after him.” The Clyde-Hirsch-Sowers RESPECT Act. As Law Enforcement Today writes, “Now, Clyde is hoping to use that experience as a lawmaker.”

He decided to stand up and be counted as a patriot when the IRS illegally “seized nearly one-million dollars from his bank account in 2013.” Adding insult to the injury, “they then offered to give him $600,000 of his own money back if he would be willing to forfeit the rest.” As Clyde recognized at once, that’s “extortion.” He took the IRS to court and won.

Clyde knew that his victory all by itself wouldn’t save others in his same situation, so the patriot took his fight to Congress.

“That entire ordeal really showed me that one person who is persistent and tenacious and just doesn’t give up can actually make a difference.” He never planned on running for a seat himself “but his experience showed him there’s a fine line, and the government is reaching way over it.”

Tiptoeing around hot topics

Andrew Clyde isn’t the only patriot who’s fed up with politicians who “are tiptoeing around all hot topic issues, considering the current state of the country.”

That’s why he was able to easily beat eight other Republicans in his primary, including “seasoned” politicians. He won his 9th District because his message resonated with his neighbors.

As the patriot notes, “It was this battle with the Internal Revenue Service that resonated with the people in the district, and they saw me as a fighter, and I am. I’m a fighter.”

Not only is he a fighter, he’s a student of Sun Tzu. Clyde’s campaign slogan was “fight and win,” from the “Art of War” maxim, “when I fight, I win.”

Clyde is a true-blue “pro-President Trump, pro-life, pro-border wall” patriot who “who wants to dismantle the IRS and limit the power of the federal government.” As an “avid supporter of the Second Amendment,” he believes that “the government should not be able to control gun ownership.”

The way our current system of background checks works, it’s badly flawed. Covid-19 restrictions made the situation even worse.

Patriot declares: no taxes on ‘rights’

With RINO republicans siding with liberal Democrats to tighten the procedure on background checks, Clyde feels it’s time for every patriot to stand up and push back against the oppression. “You cannot have a law that eliminates a constitutional right with the intent of giving a little bit of perceived safety.” The lockdown was bad enough but the broken federal system caused Clyde to “turn away hundreds of customers.”

Background checks are only valid for 30 days and often, paperwork delays would delay the approval so that by the time it came back, it was already too late. “It puts the federal government between the Constitution and the individual in a way that denies the person their individual constitutional right. That’s not right.”

Combining his battles against the IRS with his Second Amendment beliefs, the arms dealer is calling for an elimination of the taxes levied on guns and ammunition. “You can’t tax the right to vote.

So how can you tax the right to keep and bear arms? You can’t.” The patriot points out, “if you can tax it, you can tax it out of existence. No constitutional right should ever be able to be taxed.”

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