Israel Expands Offensive to West Bank Targets and Lebanese Hezbollah


Israel is kicking some serious Hamas booty. They’ve pretty much leveled northern Gaza and now they’re moving south. At the same time, they’ve expanded operations into the West Bank against the Palestinians. IDF also attacked a few Hezbollah troops in Lebanon while they were at it.

Israel offensive a success

Despite the media whining about blowing up Hamas terrorists sheltering in hospitals, Israel has been making serious progress. Most of northern Gaza is currently a pile of rubble.

On Saturday, November 18, it’s being reported that “Israeli security forces have mounted a major raid in the city of Jenin, destroying roads and killing between three and five Hamas militants in the latest instance of surging violence across the occupied West Bank.

That’s a big deal because the West Bank houses the Palestinians who really are innocent, hard working people. Israel doesn’t have a problem with civilians simply trying to mind their own business. The huge problem is that Hamas terrorists are infesting their settlements like cockroaches.

The goat humpers reported that “three of its fighters died in the overnight raid, which began late on Thursday night and lasted about eight hours.” IDF counted five killed.

Pundits, mostly of the liberal variety, keep whining that “the mounting death toll in the West Bank has underscored fears that the territory seized by Israel in the 1967 war could spiral out of control amid the conflict in Gaza.

Not a problem. We have it completely under control, IDF assures. They hope they don’t have to murder too many innocent people in the process but Hamas must be wiped from the face of the Earth. Even if it’s only three or five at at time.

A ‘torrent of fire’

When Hamas’s al-Quds Brigades in Jenin started radioing in about a “torrent of fire” they weren’t talking about a speedy movie download. That’s what they were taking from IDF forces “for several hours,” in between falling into explosive ambushes.

A spokesperson for the military notes “an armed terrorist cell that fired at Israeli security forces” was struck by an Israel Defense Forces aircraft. They won’t be doing that again.

Additional terrorists who fired and hurled explosive devices at the security forces were neutralized.” Their goats will be happy about that. Some “Hamas militants fled in vehicles and ambulances toward Jenin’s Ibn Sina hospital.” That’s a funny place to run to unless it’s a Hamas fortress in disguise.

Israel isn’t fooled by the camouflage. “Troops stopped one of the vehicles at the entrance to the hospital. It released video footage of soldiers searching a car at the hospital and finding M-16 rifles and ammunition.

The IDF separately confirmedstriking several more Hezbollah sites in southern Lebanon.” Israel scored high-value hits on “military compounds and observation posts belonging to the terror group.

Death came from the sky as “fighter jets struck an ‘advanced’ surface-to-air missile system in Lebanon which had fired at an Israeli drone overnight.” Luckily, “the missile was intercepted by Israeli air defenses, and the military drone was apparently not damaged.

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