Jail Guard DID Have Relationship With Inmate


The case of an escaped Alabama killer took a bizarre twist on Wednesday, when it turned out that the jail guard who aided his escape had been dating him on the sly for the past two years. Until now, all her co-workers were convinced she did it against her will. They’re stunned to learn she planned the whole thing.

Secret jail romance

Vicky White wasn’t an ordinary jail guard. She was a respected administrator in the corrections department. She put in such a long and faithful run of service that she had reached her retirement.

Friday was supposed to be her last day in the office. Nobody in the whole facility expected her to break a dangerous killer out of prison on her way out the door but that seems to be exactly what she did.

There wasn’t any blood relationship between 56-year-old Vicky White and inmate Casey White, age 38. Nobody with any authority had a single clue that they “shared a ‘special relationship‘ dating back to 2020.

That’s when “the prisoner was first brought to Lauderdale County for his arraignment.” Other jail inmates confirm “she ensured he ‘was getting extra food on his trays‘ and ‘was getting privileges no one else got,’ a claim that Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton told CNN has been confirmed by an independent investigation.

The sheriff isn’t sure but “as far as we know that was the earliest physical contact they had.” They’re only now finding out that “Casey and Vicky continued to communicate after the accused murderer was transferred back to the prison.

Also, investigators are combing through Lauderdale County Jail surveillance footage “to learn more about their relationship.

A pen pal

Casey had been held at the state prison, awaiting an arraignment, before being transferred to the Lauderdale Detention Center jail. Nobody knows if Vicky communicated with him while he was there. His mom thinks she was his “pen pal.”

He “never mentioned Vicky White,” she told reporters. “He said he had a pen pal but I had no idea who it was.” Nobody in her office suggested a thing. On the fateful day, she was able to cuff him and stuff him in a cruiser, then drive off into the twilight zone.

She was kind enough to provide her 6ft 9in pet “monster” an AR-15 and a shotgun, for their fugitive honeymoon.

Casey may have been serving 75 years for “attempted murder, burglary, robbery, kidnapping and animal cruelty,” but she loves him enough to break him out of jail. He was awaiting arraignment on more murder charges, after he confessed to a fatal stabbing.

The U.S. Marshals Service were the ones to report the police cruiser’s missing weapons and note the pair “may have used a copper 2007 Ford Edge” in the jail break.

Local cops and federal agents “have launched a huge manhunt and drip-fed more information about the duo – including that the jailer had two aliases herself.” Public records show Vicky sold her house cheap for $95,550. That means she’s “flush with cash.

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