Joe Biden Threatens Air Force Veteran

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Joe Biden Threatens Veteran
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How does Joe Biden respond to a veteran that wants him to answer for his vote on the Iraq war?

He makes it sound as though his son died in the war and threatens the veteran.

Getting in Joe’s Face

During a recent campaign event, Joe Biden was approached by an Air Force veteran that wanted Biden to account for his vote to go to war in Iraq.

Biden was not ready for someone to get in his face like this.

Biden looked like a deer in the headlights the entire time and then he hit the panic button.

The vet stated, “My friends are dead because of your policies.”

Biden then stated, “So was my son… was in Iraq, okay? For a year.”

When the vet told Biden he was not going after his son, Biden wagged his angry finger at him and stated, “You better not!”

Still Didn’t Answer

Over and above the threatening manner in which Joe Biden talked to this man, it should be noted that he never answered the question.

Biden walked away as the vet continued to talk and at one point, the man was drowned out by chants by Biden’s loyal sheep.

This has pretty much been Biden’s MO throughout the campaign.

When he is faced with a tough question, he either tells the person they are lying or he simply walks away.

Joe Biden has more skeletons in his closet that we can possibly imagine and he is terrified to even address them.

He is a coward, and he proved that in how he not only invoked his dead son to avoid the answer but also in how he acts in general.

We are on to you, Joe, and we will expose you!

  1. Biden’s only policies as Senator & VP was to make money for himself and his relatives.
    It seemed to be a common theme. Million & billion dollar contracts falling into their hands
    for no other reason that the relationship to Joe Biden.

  2. Now its fine when Trump makes fun of others and calls anyone who asks him questions at his rallies to be thrown out, but it is n0ot all right for the opposing person running for
    President to get upset after bTrump has done everything one could imagine to discredit Biden, but the majority of Americans know better. Not to make Biden look like he was the only one who supported the Iraq war when the fact is it was Bush who started the war based on lies all around, not Biden.

  3. Bidens rhetoric often reveals that one does not have to be “Presidential” to make a run for the position, and in this campaign more than ever we have too many candidates who measure up (or should I say DOWN) no better than Sleepy Joe! Well, I see that, at least so far, Warren has backed out – good for her! Fact is, no one has come to the fore yet that has a ghost of a chance to beat the TRUMP card!

    1. Joe cares only about power and money, not America. Hopefully he will hang when everything about the Deep State is brought out

  4. What else do you expect from career criminal , terrorist supporting biden ? He has NOTHING POSITIVE planned for America , just destruction of America , like Obama & Clintons , so can’t talk decent to anybody about ANYTHING TRUTHFUL ! But the libtard complicit criminal voters are too profoundly stupid to understand that !

  5. This old frail pencil neck geek is very lucky that he has SS protection, as without it, he would probably get his clock cleaned every day due to letting his shot gun mouth overload his pop gun a$$!

  6. Was his deceased son in Iraq for a year because most of the men there didn’t serve for a year and what did the son do, drive some general around.

  7. Where is JB’s wife to protect him. Talk about a senile OLD man…Biden is one-foot from being in his grave given his age…and he wants to run for the highest office of the land? The guy thinks he’s running for the senate. What a loser.

  8. biden is a worthless POS. He has serious problems with the Ukraine since he was threatening to withhold funds from the Ukraine in the past. Why is it okay for biden to do this , but not trump?? (crickets chirping)………and then there is the matter of his drug-using, womanizing, ahole son, who is just as crooked too. I hope the Trump Administation, and DOJ goes after Biden and his son with a vengence. He is corrupt and could not lead a birthday party of girl scouts, just keep an eye on him around little girls and other women too, he likes to touch them , but he never gets called out or prosecuted for his asshole behavior. i would NOT vote for this creep if he swallowed.

  9. Joe Biden is an angry old Man. His new name is Angry Joe. Obama appointed angry Joe to clean up the corruption in Ukraine , instead angry Joe gave the green light to Hunter Biden his son to sit on board of directors to the # 1 corrupt company in Ukraine called Burisma. Instead of cleaning up the corruption he jumped in bed with the Ukraniun corruption.. Angry Joe & his family stole 7.5 billion in money & contracts from the American tax payer. Angry Joe as President would be the same as letting the fox loose in the hen house. Him & his crony corrupt Dem buddies would rob America blind !!

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