Karma Alert: Liberals Try to Steal Mans Trump Signs, Then He Takes Matters into His Own Hands


Conservatives have gotten creative with ways to protect their Trump signs from being stolen or desecrated by crazed liberals.

Liberals Take to Theivery

As liberals continue to become even more unhinged, they’ve taken to destroying property through riots, but they go on to private property to destroy signs with the president’s name displayed.

A Trump supporter decided to use a paintball gun to fend off ravenous Biden-supporting thieves who stole his signs.

In the video, you can see the man open fire at the trespassers as they run onto his lawn stealing Trump signs.


The man was obviously prepared for the thugs so it begs the question if this was the first time they hit this residence. Did the man purposefully put the signs up as a form of trap? If so, it would be an epic way to help karma along.

Reps Get Creative to Protect Their Signs

At this point, it is very predictable that if you have a Trump sign, liberals will probably try and destroy it. Funny how you never hear of Republicans stealing Biden or other pro-Democrat signs.

The way the man scattered the signs made for optimal target practice and added to the video’s appeal.

In 2016, another video shows an ingenious person making their Trump signs zap when touched. You can see a man running towards the sign and as he touches it he gets a jolt of electricity.

He then shakes his hand in obvious pain and runs away. The Washington homeowner was sick and tired of seeing his signs continually stolen by liberal thieves that he boobytrapped it with electricity.

It turns out that the man in the video was his neighbor and was charged with trespassing.

More karma

Thugs for Biden

Random leftist brag on social media about stealing others’ private property and view it as a badge of honor. 

With the November 2020 presidential election coming up swiftly, the liberals triggered by pro-American values and Donald Trump is beyond out of control. 


  1. Back in 1990, our neighborhood had a problem for over two years with 30+ guys hanging out till 4 am at the elementary school’s plaza on the corner. None of the guys lived in the neighborhood and were loud. They were told about it repeatedly the whole time by the neighbors who lived there, but they kept told off by the guys.
    One night, I showed up with orange paintballs and a gun while I was in a dress shirt with a pocket and a shopping bag to conceal everything, and sat with my elderly neighbors on their porch. The group of guys was diagonally on the opposite corner under the amber anti-crime streetlights.
    I started shooting paintballs at them, one every minute or two. Because of the amber streetlights, the paintballs weren’t apparent.
    A short time later, the group of guys became wary that they were being shot at, but weren’t sure.
    Behind them was a grass-covered hill 10 feet tall, so the paintballs went into grass and weren’t easily found a night.
    The guys suddenly felt mortal when they realized that they could be killed…it changed their attitudes! …eventually the cops sent a community officer regularly and they left.
    In other events, I heard someone who had their car stereo so loud, it cold be herd, loudly, from 4 blocks away at the rear of my friend’s home.
    Later that night I went out and sat on the window sill of my corner drug store and flashed my camera flash at all the cars with loud stereos that pulled up to the stop sign.
    When confronted with my flash, the angry drivers said to me why did I flash them, to which I replied ‘you like intense sound, and I like intense light’.
    They got the message…shortly afterward, I bought a million candle-power spotlight and battery pack for it.
    I’d walk out to the middle of the street, halfway between corners, and shined the light into the windshields of the cars with loud stereos at the stoplight 1/2 a block away. They turned left toward the urban part of town.
    Gee, I had fun!


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