Lauren Boebert Escorted Out of Broadway Performance


Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is back in the headlines once more.

But this time, was a little different…and definitely unexpected.

Boebert is said to have been escorted out of a recent performance of the Broadway show Beetlejuice in Denver after she allegedly violated theater rules and was causing a disturbance.

Although her campaign office denies these allegations, it is clear that the congresswoman is not afraid to stand up and fight for what she believes in.

The latest controversy surrounding Congresswoman Lauren Boebert centers around her attendance at the Beetlejuice musical performance on Sunday night in downtown Denver.

According to an incident report from Denver Arts & Venues, two spectators were asked to leave during the performance due to complaints from other theatergoers about their behavior, which included vaping, singing, recording, and “causing a disturbance”.

While it is unclear who the second individual was, Boebert’s campaign office confirmed her presence at the Buell Theatre while denying any wrongdoing on her part.

According to one of the ushers present during this altercation, they were informed by security officials that another complaint had been filed regarding loud patrons who were also recording during the second act of the show.

Taking pictures or recording without permission is strictly prohibited at all shows.

Despite being unaware that photos weren’t permitted, Congresswoman Boebert used her cellphone to capture parts of the performance before being escorted out by police shortly afterwards.

This news comes just days after Rep. Boebert expressed frustration with President Joe Biden’s lack of action on securing our nation’s borders.

In response to this inaction from our current administration, she proposed trimming down Claire Trickler-McNulty’s salary from ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) as an amendment in this year’s Department of Homeland Security Appropriations bill – reducing it all way down to $1 per year.

Trickler-McNulty previously worked with Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), which actively works against deporting migrant children and offers financial assistance from left-leaning organizations like Open Society Foundations funded by billionaire George Soros and The Vera Institute of Justice which have heavily opposed immigration detention practices and view federal immigration enforcement agencies as a “threat to civil liberties” according to Daily Caller News Foundation reviews.

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