Lawyer For Ray Epps Explains Why His Name Came Off FBI’s “Most Wanted List”

Ray Epps

Ray Epps has recently become a household name in America almost overnight, as high-ranking Republicans have called national attention to the murky role of this individual in the events of January 6. Now a lawyer for Epps says that his client will be speaking again with the Democratic House select committee purportedly investigating January 6. Multiple Republican senators have explicitly suggested that Epps is employed by or affiliated with the FBI.

Ray Epps to speak to committee again

The official story on Ray Epps is that he was suddenly removed from the FBI’s most-wanted list because the government had identified him and decided that he did not enter the Capitol.

Corporate fact-checkers and the January 6 committee have already dismissed any skepticism about this version of events as an obvious conspiracy theory.

Taken at face value though, this story makes no sense. Ray Epps was recorded multiple times with his face in full view calling for the storming of the Capitol building and leading people in that direction.

The January 6 committee is investigating and threatening all sorts of tangentially connected people for inciting a riot on January 6. Why are they not interested in someone who is on camera doing just that?

The Democrats say that Ray Epps satisfied them when he privately told the committee that he is not employed by the FBI. This private denial was enough to justify calling the whole thing a conspiracy theory.

Obviously it didn’t convince many people, because Ray Epps will again be appearing before the committee for a more formal interview on January 21, according to his lawyer.

Just a conspiracy theory?

It seems unthinkable that Democrats would be willing to completely overlook the one person who is on camera repeatedly telling people to storm the Capitol building.

The FBI and the January 6 committee have spent an entire year trying to find evidence of prior planning, yet they have no interest in the sole example that can be found?

At the very least, it is extremely suspicious and deserves to be explained in a serious fashion, rather than being dismissed as an insane conspiracy theory.

In response to questions from Republican senators, officials from the FBI and the Department of Justice repeatedly failed to give a coherent answer to questions about federal involvement in inciting January 6.

There is no reasonable explanation for why Ray Epps has not been charged for his involvement given how aggressively the federal government has pursued individuals who did far less on January 6 and some who weren’t involved at all.

Unlike most alleged conspiracy theories, this time the burden of proof should absolutely be on Epps and the January 6 committee to prove that this bizarre treatment has any reasonable and innocent explanation.

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