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Fans worldwide are mourning the death of legendary actor Mark Goddard who recently passed away on Tuesday, October 10 in Hingham, Massachusetts. Best known for his portrayal of Don West on the popular 1960s CBS sci-fi series “Lost in Space”, the actor died of pulmonary fibrosis as confirmed by Evelyn Pezzulich, his third wife.

His contribution to the world of entertainment will be remembered and cherished by fans everywhere.

Mark Goddard was born Charles Harvey Goddard and began his career in the late 1950s appearing on television screens with series roles in shows such as “Johnny Ringo” a Western drama, and the crime themed show “The Detectives”. However it was his role as Don West on the 1965 series Lost in Space which etched him into television history.

The show followed John Robinson (Guy Williams), Maureen (June Lockhart) and their children Judy (Marta Kristen), Penny (Angela Cartwright) and Will (Billy Mumy) along with Don West and a loyal robot as they embark on a perilous journey to find their way back to Earth after being marooned in space due to an act of sabotage. The show ran successfully for three seasons until 1968.

Billy Mumy who played Will Robinson paid tribute to his late co-star on Facebook reminiscing about their enduring friendship spanning over 59 years since they last spoke “I love you”. Mumy praised Goddard as a gifted actor but also acknowledged that at times he may have felt constrained by the show’s campy style yet he still embraced it all the same.

In addition, Mumy said that although they had different teams which they rooted for, Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers, there was still great respect between them both when it came down to players from opposing sides.

Mumy further imagined Goddard enjoying himself up above saying farewell to Jonathan Harris, Kevin Burns and Guy Williams among others before concluding his post wishing him well wherever he may be now.

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