Justice Sotomayor Caught Red-Handed… Major Scandal


Democrats wanted a deep dive into Supreme Court justices for ethics violations, and that is what they are getting.

When people like AOC were making a big stink about gifts and trips received by some of the conservative justices, you knew people were going to start digging into the liberal justices as well.

As it turns out, Justice Sotomayor has a nasty little skeleton in her closet.

Pressure, Pressure, Under Pressure

Justice Thomas is always a target of the left, so it was no surprise to see them raise objections to gifts he received, most notably some rather expensive vacations on the cuff of a rich conservative.

Now, would Thomas and this megadonor be friends if Thomas was not a SCOTUS justice? Of course not.

Having said that, would Joe Biden have the rich friends he has, some of whom have lent their rich digs to Biden for vacations, if Joe had not been VP and currently the president?

The scandal around Sotomayor is a bit different, however, in that her staff was reportedly pressuring universities and institutions to buy her books prior to speaking engagements for which she had been booked.

Kedric Payne, a former deputy chief counsel at the Office of Congressional Ethics, stated, “This is one of the most basic tenets of ethics laws that protects taxpayer dollars from misuse.

“The problem at the Supreme Court is there’s no one there to say whether this is wrong.”

In fact, the court’s spokesperson defended Sotomayor, stating, “Justice Sotomayor’s Judicial Assistant has worked with the Justice’s publisher to ensure compliance with these standards, and at no time have attendees been required to buy a book in order to attend an event.

“Asking whether attendees were reminded that they must either buy or bring a book in order to enter a signing line at an event would in no way conflict with the standard outlined above.”

This goes beyond the attendees, however, as the reports that I have read had Sotomayor’s staff pressuring the institutions to buy books ahead of time so they would be available for attendees.

In one report, the school agreed to purchase about five dozen books, but Sotomayor’s staffers wanted them to buy 400 copies to ensure there were enough for everyone that wanted one.

Will anything happen to Sotomayor or will the mainstream media dig deeper?

Of course not! She is a liberal, so she is untouchable.

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