Liberals have Disgusting New Coronavirus Challenge… Natural Selection Has Begun

CoronaVirus Challenge
Photo via @CashNastyGaming Twitter Video Screenshot

True insanity has set in, all for the sake of clicks and shares.


Ava Louise, who has gained her fame via social media and as two stints on Dr. Phil, has a video that has gone viral for her “Coronavirus Challenge.”

It’s disgusting, quite honestly, as she literally licked a toilet seat.


Ms. Louis is what many refer to as a clout chaser.

She will some rather idiotic things to boost her following, which in turn drives her income as a social media influencer.

This time, though, she may have taken things too far…

So, while I doubt she was actually licking a dirty toilet seat, I have little doubt the idiots will start to line up at some point to take part in this idiotic challenge.

Who knows how many kids will end up getting sick from either the coronavirus or some other disease from this.

Needless to say, the backlash was immediate and severe over this stunt.

Leading the way was Meghan McCain from “The View.”

Thankfully, even though she has made this a “challenge,” we have yet to see this go viral in terms of participation, and hopefully, it never will.

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