Man Goes Snorkeling, Makes ‘Terrifying’ Discovery Underwater


Many people would agree that snorkeling is an enjoyable activity that results in quite the spectacular sights while underwater. However, when this one man decided to take a dive in the Colorado River, he make a shocking discovery that caused him to immediately call the cops.

A snorkeler in Parker, Arizona made an interesting discovery that sent shockwaves through the community. Martin Sholl was out swimming when he noticed two skeletons sitting on lawn chairs at the bottom of the river.

Understandably scared and wanting to report what he’d seen, he called the police who later discovered that this was all just a practical joke. What we want to know is who was behind this prank and why did they do it?

When La Paz County Sheriff’s Office responded to the report of “found human remains” in the Colorado River in Cienega Springs’ boat launch area they were expecting to find real skeletons strapped into lawn chairs as reported by Sholl. Upon further investigation however, it became apparent that these weren’t actual skeletons after all.

They were fake props with sunglasses “having tea” and covered with algae. After wiping off a sign next to them it read “Bernie living the dream in the river”. It appears this could be referencing Weekend At Bernie’s – a 1989 movie where two guys lug around their dead boss for days before eventually losing him into water.

The La Paz Sheriff’s Department posted footage from their diver along side this caption: “Although the call itself was resource intensive, both the Sheriff’s Office and Buckskin Fire were happy to find that the remains weren’t real and thanked the reporting party for making the call.” Fortunately no one has been apprehended yet for playing such an elaborate prank which resulted in wasting resources.

This prank must have taken some planning because it involved lots of props like fake skeletons and lawn chairs being placed underwater without anyone noticing or stopping them from doing so.

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