Marco Rubio And Joe Manchin Join Forces


It appears that in a rare turn of events a Republican and a Democrat have joined forces in the name of Marco Rubio and Joe Manchin.

Rubio and Manchin Team Up

A bipartisan bill was brought forward to try and stop federal funds from being used to do something beyond insane that many are still scratching their heads over.

President Joe Biden and his administration want to use taxpayer dollars to fund crack pipes and syringes for drug addicts.

Ironically named the PIPES Act, the Preventing Illicit Paraphernalia for Exchange Systems Act was put forth by Republican Rubio and Democrat Manchin.

Discussion on Drugs

In regards to the bill, Manchin said:

“Every American and West Virginian has been impacted by the drug epidemic that has killed over 101,000 Americans from April 2020 to April 2021. While this is a heartbreaking issue that must be fully addressed by the federal government, using taxpayer funds to buy paraphernalia for those struggling with substance use disorder is not the solution.”

Rubio chimed in and said:

“Everyone knows someone who has struggled with addiction, and unfortunately, many have lost a loved one from the disease. We need to do more, but sending drug paraphernalia to addicts is not the answer.”

Their bill would block federal money being used to buy drug paraphernalia to pass out to Americans who want to partake in illegal drugs.

Drug Kits on the Government’s Mind

Back in December of 2021, the Department of Health and Human Services stated its desire to use a $30 million grant in order to provide free crack pipes, heroin syringes and overdose kits.

Through a press release, it is shown that Marco and Manchin’s bill would prevent the government from using money to “procure, supply, or distribute pipes, cylindrical objects, or other paraphernalia that can be used to smoke, inhale or ingest narcotics.”

It is a weird scenario when politicians from both sides of the aisle have to team up to say that funding drug paraphernalia with taxpayer dollars is not appropriate.

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