Mass Shooting, Media SILENT


After a shooting that tragically took the life of a 4-year-old boy and injured four adults, a suspected has been arrested as of Monday night.


Mass Shooting Kills Boy

A little boy, Rowan Sweeney, was shot and killed inside a Struthers, Ohio home. Four other adults were also shot and all remain currently in the hospital.

Struthers police chief Tim Roddy announced that Kimonie Bryant, 24, is now in custody after surrendering to the U.S. Marshals Services.

Despite the egregious tragedy, the mainstream media has been heavily silent on the mass shooting.

Suspect Remains in Jail

The suspect is currently being held with no bail facing aggravated murder charges in the Mahoning County Jail.

“At this point, we’re told Bryant is the primary suspect, but Struthers police, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and detectives from several other departments continue following leads. Police say there are others they want to speak with to see if they can add more information about the shooting. So far, police have not confirmed a motive in the case,” WKBN First News reports.

Authorities say that Bryant broke into a two-story house on Monday morning and began to open fire in the living room.

Along with 4-year-old Rowan Sweeney who died at the scene, four other victims — Andre Stephon McCoy, 20, and Yarnell Green Jr., 30, who are both of Youngstown, and Cassandra Marsicola, 20, of Campbell and 22-year-old Alexis Schneider, the child’s mother — were injured.

One man was struck twice in the back of the head by bullets while another was hit twice in the back. Two women were shot in the legs.

Looking Like Premeditation

Officials believe that this was not a random shooting but rather planned.

Neighbors reports hearing several gunshots but never witnessing the gunman.

“Whoever did this, man, just turn yourself in. Just be a man,” the boy’s father, David Sweeney said. “You took my son from me. This is my baby boy. You took him because you’re sick. You can live with that for the rest of your life, but this is my baby.”

Details are still emerging as is the possible motive for the tragic shooting that took the life of the little boy.

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