Massive Surge in Suicides Nobody is Talking About


We have a very serious problem at the border.

I am not talking about the increase in illegal crossings, at least not directly.

What I am talking about is a massive surge in suicides in Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Nobody Talking About It

If Democrats want to blame the suicide deaths of Capitol Police officers on Donald Trump, then wouldn’t Joe Biden be to blame for Border Patrol officers who are killing themselves at an alarming rate?

In the span of two weeks, four agents have committed suicide.

They are cracking under the pressure of the overwhelming crossings as well as their inability to do the job they were hired for.

National Border Patrol Council Vice President At-Large Sergio Moreno stated, “Under the current administration, we are not allowed to do the full functions of the Border Patrol, the enforcement aspect.”

He said he has regularly had conversations with “distraught” officers over this very fact.

The agency has even hired a suicidologist, Dr. Kent Corso, to step in at the first half of 2021.

Moreno, discussing two of the suicides, stated, “It is concerning that two individuals, hardworking Americans, fathers, patriots, law enforcement officers, co-workers and friends took their own lives days apart from the same sector.”

That frustration has also led to more problems on the home front, as domestic violence and alcohol abuse are running rampant in the agency now.

One agent stated, “No support program will fix this. We need our purpose back.”

When agents do report an issue, they are told to hand in their guns and badges rather than receiving help.

So, they don’t come forward and are now letting it fester until it resolves itself in suicide, domestic abuse, and alcoholism.

Moreno stated, “The workforce sees it as fatal. It’s the guillotine to their career, so they’re afraid.

“We’re asking that this come to light.

“Have a program and policies that if an employee comes forward because they’re already struggling, don’t put more stressors on him or her.

“Don’t shame them. Don’t put them in the corner in public view. You’re just adding to the stress.”

Here is my question… why are we reading about this in the Daily Caller and not Fox News, CBS News, CNN, etc.?

Capitol Police committing suicide made national headlines, but Border Patrol agents dying and destroying their personal lives because of Joe Biden’s policies are just tossed aside like garbage.

It’s not right.

Source: Daily Caller

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