Melania Trump Missing Flyers Have Begun to Appear

Melania Trump

Have you seen our former first lady?

The 2024 Presidential Election cycle is beginning to heat up and many are feeling the absence of former First Lady Melania Trump.

Flyers were found at the Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa Star Cyclone football game that declared Melania “missing” with instructions to call a phone number listed on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago website – but unfortunately, no one answered.

On top of that, planes flying banners reading “Where’s Melania?” and “Be Likeable, Ron!” were seen during Republican presidential candidate Doug Burgum’s scooter ride and DeSantis’ interview at the Iowa State Fair in August respectively.

It appears as though something may be going on with Melania Trump.

The First Lady endorsed her husband for re-election in 2024 but so far she hasn’t been seen at any of his campaign events – which is unlike what happened during the 2020 election when she was an active participant.

This certainly raises questions about why she isn’t more involved this time around and has prompted some to ask whether or not there is some sort of issue between Donald Trump and his wife.

It’s possible that the reason Melania isn’t actively participating could simply be political in nature.

She may feel like it would not be beneficial for her to get involved in her husband’s campaign this time around as he already has strong support from Republicans across the country – so having her participate wouldn’t necessarily help him out much either way.

Additionally, it could also be a sign that she doesn’t want to get too heavily involved in politics due to the potential backlash it might bring upon her family if they don’t win re-election next year.

Of course, there are plenty of other possible explanations for why Melania isn’t more active with Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign – ranging from personal issues between them to just wanting to stay out of the spotlight for now.

Regardless of the real reason, many are eagerly awaiting the former first lady’s return to the public eye.

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